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An Introduction to Online Slots


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Are you new to the world of slot games or maybe just new to online slots?

If you are then this is where you should be. There is a world of opportunity waiting for you to get your hands on. So many companies have been working for decades to provide great games with beautiful graphics and the chance to win some cash!

Here at Daisy Slots we have some of the best online slots to play, offering great bonuses and the potential of high returns too!

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Find your Choice Games

There are quite a few different types of slots games available to play. You have the simplest to start with, the classic 3-reel slot which gives you a really good starting to point to understand how the game works.

We provide video slots where you get bright, flashy visuals and exciting sounds with it. There is a huge variety of themes and different bonus systems for you to get your teeth into.

We offer a wide variety of different themed slots from dragons to Rhinos or diamonds or leprechauns and their shiny pots of gold.

Take a look through our list of games. You’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye!  

What is RTP?

Whilst you are going through finding those games that speak to you as the ones that are going to bring you the fun you’re after, make sure to keep an eye out on the RTP.

If this RTP is just some random letters to you, it mean Return To Player.

For example if there was an RTP of 95%, on average from £100 you would get a return of £95. This might sound like you are going to be losing, but that isn’t quite the case. RTP is calculated over a really long period of plays. In Online Slots a 95% RTP and above is fantastic and we are here to play the odds after all!

Taking it step by step

Once you have your list of games you want to play and you have check they have a top notch RTP then you are ready to start getting into the world of online slots.

You might be worried about not knowing how to play the games, but there is nothing to panic about. A lot of the games have free to play versions, so get used to the games through that.

Learn how each individual bonus system works, because that is where the big bucks are made. Eventually, you will feel ready to get in for a real chance to win and when you are, simply deposit the funds (If you have any problems with this check the FAQ or get in touch) and start playing.

Have Fun and be responsible!