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Are online casinos rigged?

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When it comes to gambling, a commonly asked question is: are online casinos rigged? This is actually a common statement among gamers that lose their slot games. Players resort to making this sweeping statement to make themselves feel better, but it’s actually a myth that we are hoping to disprove to you in our article. So, keep reading to discover why online casinos aren’t rigged! If you would prefer to play some of your favourite online slots, then head to the online casino Daisy Slots! They have hundreds of online slots to choose from and they are a safe and regulated online casino to play at.

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Random Number Generators

This is clear evidence that online casinos aren’t rigged, as they operate using a random number generator. Any online casino that operates in the UK have to pass strict testing procedures before they can receive their gambling licence. One of these said tests is about the fairness of the software that the casino will use to operate. This is where the random number generator comes in, as this is how all UK online casinos need to be powered. It will generate a random set of numbers and these then generate the results that you will see on your screen. This is relevant no matter what casino game you opt to play, Blackjack, slot machines, Baccarat – it will be applied to anything. This means that online casinos follow the pattern of what would happen at a land based game, making it a fair and honest solution for everyone.

Further testing

Further testing then needs to be passed to prove that the online casino isn’t rigged. This is where a third party organisation comes in to test the software that’s in place. This is an extremely repetitive process, as it needs to be repeated hundreds of times to conclude that games produce different results. When the online casino receives their certificate verifying that they are fair, they can then apply for their official iGaming license. Once they receive this license the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will still perform regular tests and checks on these online casinos. This is why playing at the online casino Daisy Slots is a great option for you.

They have all of their licenses and certificates up to date, and they adhere to any new guidance from regulating bodies.

What’s more, they have hundreds of online real money slots in all kinds of different themes. Fancy going on an adventure? Then play the Egyptian themed slot Eye of Horus! If you love an Irish theme, then you can play Irish Luck Jackpot or Lucky Irish! There are just so many options waiting for you over there!

The Odds of Winning

Most gamblers already know and understand that the odds are already in the favour of the casino. After all, this is how they make their money. This isn’t a secret, but this is what leads some people to blame their losses on the casino being rigged. This just isn’t simply the case!

Do your own research

It’s worth mentioning that while not all online casinos are rigged, you can never guarantee that all of them will be fair. While the majority are, some illegal online casinos could be operating out there. The good news is that they will be easy to spot. The chances are that they will have terrible player reviews and satisfaction, as well as no official licenses. If you ever suspect that an online casino is rigged, then repost your concerns to the UKGC. This way you’ll be helping out your fellow players from losing their hard earned cash, as well as preventing people profiting by unfair means.

Final Thoughts on are online casinos rigged

We hope that this article has provided you with the knowledge and confidence that online casinos are not rigged. Before they can even obtain their UK gambling licence they need to pass a rigorous testing procedures. What’s more, the random number generator helps to keep things random and fair.

Also, the testing doesn’t end when the online casinos obtain their license, due to the UKGC keeping a close eye on them. We recommend that before you begin playing at any online casinos that you thoroughly research them first. Check that they have all their licences up to date, good reviews from industry experts and ways of keeping you safe while playing online. A great option is the online casino Daisy Slots, so sign up to them today and start playing slot games online!