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Are UK Slots the Most Popular Games in the World?

UK slots games

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UK slots online are some of the biggest casino games in the world, and with good reason. Us British love a good slot, whether we’re down the local putting coins in with a pint as the football plays in the background, or we’re sat in the comfort of our own home spinning the virtual reels, it’s in our blood. What’s more is that we can now play online slots in the UK on mobile devices, so if we’re on the move there’s no stopping our chance to play slot machines uk.

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A Little Bit About UK Slots

Slots UK are great, and we tend to play them just as much, if not more than any other country in the world. We also tend to play our slots more so than any other form of online casino, whether it be poker, blackjack, roulette or any other. Play online slots UK style at Daisy Slots with a real smart welcome offer too, one of the best online slot game casinos.

How do UK Slots Compare to Games of the Rest of the World?

The UK now has the largest online regulated gambling market in the world with a whopping annual yield of £4.6bn back in 2014, and one can only imagine more so since then. Quite a profound fact, and one that dates back to our love for gambling ever since history can tell, except perhaps we didn’t have such great access to the internet back in the Middle Ages. We also play online slots in the UK more than any other casino game, which serves to say that the UK slot market is the biggest and best in the world. So what are some of our favourite UK slots online, available at UK slot casinos? Let’s take a quick look through some of the best.

Lucky Leprechaun UK Slots Online

Although Ireland isn’t actually part of the UK, we’ve always kind of hoped that we might be able to cash in on a little luck of the Irish, what with us being so close and all. And now, kind of, we can with a whole wealth of Irish-themed online slot games at our disposal.

One of these is Microgaming’s Lucky Leprechaun, a beautifully designed and fun to play slot from some of the titans of the UK slots online industry and in fact the rest of the world. With tonnes of free spins available and a very exciting bonus feature that has the potential to allow you to win big multipliers of your stake, this isn’t one to miss.

Irish Luck uk slot

I guess you could even take a ferry out to Ireland if you were that convinced that the luck of the Irish was going to help you with your slots game. You could even play these slots on your mobile on the way out there…

Anyway, the second slot in our list is Playtech’s Irish Luck. Again, this slot has a generous portion of free spins on offer, as many as 33 if you’re lucky enough to land enough scatter symbols on one spin. The exciting thing about Irish Luck, though, is that on top of those 33 free spins you’ll also get a 15x multiplier on every single spin! Crazy. So, if you’re looking for a UK slot online with great winning potential (who isn’t), this could be the one for you.

Lucky Irish

The similarly named Lucky Irish from Eyecon Gaming is the third Irish-themed slot on our list but by no means the third in quality. This one doesn’t have quite as many free spins on offer but what it does have above the rest is an exciting bonus feature whereby you can choose a random prize, which will likely be a combination of free spins and multipliers. That’s a bonus feature that will definitely keep you on your toes, and we are all for that.

Fluffy Fairground Slots UK

Irish, Irish, Irish… sheep? We thought we’d chuck this slot in there to show that it ain’t all about the luck of the leprechauns as you can achieve the same winning potential in one of several Fluffy slots from Eyecon gaming. Behind the scenes, it’s a similar slot to Lucky Irish, but on top it’s a vibrant and colourful cartoon-theme that you just can’t help but fall in love with. More on this game here.

But just because this slot isn’t Irish themed in comparison to the rest, it doesn’t mean that you miss out on the chance to play it for free, oh no. Get spinning to warmup with no wager at Daisy Slots today, as with the rest of the slots on show here.