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Best Slot Games with Jackpots

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When trying to find the best slot games to play online, a determining factor will inevitably be which game has the best jackpots. This is why we play these games. There can be few better feelings than using your low stake to trigger all the bonuses in a slot game and coming out a much, much richer person.

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The progressive jackpot is where the money is, and luckily there best slot games online out there come with massive jackpots. Admittedly these large, tempting prizes come with their own set of drawbacks.

The main one being that the base games are almost always programmed to give out worse payouts. They are made this way because a fraction of each and every wager goes towards the massive jackpot, so getting the top payout can be a long ordeal. But sometimes it’s a marathon, not a sprint – and the end result is undoubtedly worth it.

Jackpot hunting may not be all there is to online casinos, but it has the potential to be the most fun – and most lucrative.

So where are the best slot games with the largest payouts? Here’s a selection of the most lucrative slot games on the market.

Mega Moolah - Microgaming

What better place to start than with a former Guinness World Record holder? Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot game holds the record for the biggest win. This famous progressive slot features four potential jackpots, which easily explains why it has become so popular and why so many chose to play slot machines uk.

The slot game has paid out as much as £13m, with the average payout being £2.1m. This game is one of the jewels in Betway’s slot game scene. Although it isn’t free to play, and the RTP is only 88.2% the chance of a lucrative multi-million pound jackpot makes it almost impossible to ignore.

The major jackpot starts from £10,000, whilst the mega jackpot is guaranteed to pay at least £1m. with an average jackpot increase of around £12,000 a day, there’s always going to be a tempting pot to play for. Click here for more.

Mega Fortune – NetEnt

Another one that held a Guinness World Record, Net Ent’s Mega Fortune is one of the best slot games to keep an eye on.

In 2018, one lucky gamer from Sweden took a punt on this slot, placing bets which came to a total of €4.80. He went on to bag a giant jackpot of €3,773,845.

This hugely popular progressive jackpot slot game can payout up to 2162 times your original stake with free spins. One of the largest payouts recorded was just north of £15m, which doesn’t sound too shabby at all. With a 96.6% RTP there’s every chance that you could be one of the lucky ones if you so choose to take on the challenge.

Beach Life – Playtech

Life’s a beach with this progressive slot game, which happens to be Playtech’s most lucrative offering. With the right combination of free spins and bonuses, there can be a jackpot of around £5m.

The average jackpot is worth around £2m, and even the smallest (in the loosest terms) win could be worth a whopping £340k. Mostly played on Ladbrokes Casino, the jackpot increase on average by just over £12,000 a day, just begging someone to try their luck and take it home.

Although it has a comparatively high minimum bet, and the jackpot requires you to bet on all 20 available paylines to activate it, if you have the money to spare and the time to kill then this relatively slept on title is potentially one of the best slot games out there .

Hall of Gods – NetEnt

NetEnt really, really want you to play their games it seems as there’s serious jackpot potential with some of their most popular titles.

Just like Beach Life, Hall of Gods offers multi-million pound jackpots to some of the luckiest punters, making it one of the best slot games around. With a 95.7% RTP, there’s the chance to win up to 4314x your original stake off of a free spin.

The largest jackpot payout recorded from this slot game came to over £7m. Without any bonuses or multipliers, the Hall of Gods jackpot is a guaranteed £500k.