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Best Slot Machines 2020

Best Slot Machines 2020

It’s never been a better time to jump in to the world of online uk slots gaming that’s for sure, what with well over a hundred developers putting out nothing but top quality games on a constant basis for your gaming enjoyment! Let’s make this perfectly clear, everyone’s going to have a personal list of favourite play slots games, but we’ve tried and tested a lot of them, so what we offer here is definitely worth checking out! 

And what does being the best even mean? Being the best is surely objective in any medium, right? Well, in the online gaming realm there are definitely boxes you have to check to be considered within the running of the best online slot machines going. We’re only going to be mentioning a handful of slots here, which isn’t to say that there isn’t something worth checking out from say, NetEnt or Microgaming — use this list as you will! 

Fluffy Favourites Casino Game

Everyone loves the carnival don’t they? Well, in Fluffy Favourites from developer Eyecon you are given the opportunity to take a trip back in time to when you were a kid, stepping foot into a land full of cotton candy and opportunity! In Fluffy Favourites you are tasked with matching various stuffed animal toys on the reels, each offering something different as far as scores go. Be sure to look out for the pink elephant toy here which is one of the bonuses on offer here. Make no mistake about it, the best thing about Fluffy Favourites is the look and feel of this 5 reel by 25 payline slot. Yes, we know that the graphics are somewhat cartoonish, but this is what adds character to an otherwise standard carnival game. You can spin from as little as 25p a spin too, which makes it a highly accessible slot machine that has plenty of tricks hidden up it’s stuffed sleeves. 

Our favourite thing about Fluffy Favourites is the prize pick em’ feature, a feature that essentially acts like a free spin bonus, only difference is you are hand picking your multiplier — yes, it’s still random but you get what we mean. Those playing on much higher bet amounts should be looking for this each time you set money down — you’ll know what we mean once you get those reels moving! 

Starburst Slot

Considered by many as the quintessential online slot machine, Starburst is a space epic in every sense of the imagination. Developer gas giant Net Entertainment is the mind behind Starburst, a developer that a few of you should have some familiarity with since they have so many classics sitting in their catalogue right this second. Starburst’s strengths lie in how simple it is to pick up and play — consider Starburst a fruity for the modern gamer, one that can make you quite a lot of coin! 

Starburst is playable from as little as 10p a spin and utilises an arcade feel to help draw players into incredibly symbol constellations with every spin. Some believe this slot to be solely responsible for the resurgence of classic fruit games in recent years, and who can dispute that — have you ever played this slot for yourself? 

If you wish to come out on top in Starburst then you are going to want to take advantage of the many wild icons that orbit around the reels. Finding wilds within the central part of the screen is the desired effect here — do that and you’ll be laughing your way to the bank! 

Gem Rocks 

Have you ever heard the phrase “go kick rocks” before? We can only assume that what they mean by that is go check out Gem Rocks from developer Yggdrasil Gaming. We’ve included Gem Rocks in our list of the best slot machines out right now simply because of how different it is. Gem Rocks is a 6 reel sort of slot, one that comes with 4,096 different ways of coming out on top 

— a cluster slot through and through, offering hours of entertainment to those willing to pick at it! 

Even looking a this slot will tell you that there’s something special about it. Yggdrasil Gaming spared no expense when it came to the look and feel of Gem Rocks, so much so that you will lose track of the time in the outside world. In Gems Rocks you will need to mash as many icons you see on the reels into one lump to win cash, the more devastation you cause on the reels the better. 

If you really want to turn up the heat then you should be looking to get between two to nine dropdown wins, doing this will cause the Gem Rocks meter to fill up on the screen. Once these meter fills to the brim, only then will you be able to soak in some major cash payouts! Trust us when we tell you that this isn’t a slot you want to sleep on (literally and figuratively)!

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Determining What’s Good on Slot Machines

We were able to assemble this list — a list that is in no particular order by the way — by looking at a myriad of different things, the first was the list of features included in said slot; does it have wilds, does it offer free spins, is it rewarding in terms of a return to player percentage — these are all questions that we asked ourselves when sifting through each slot in question. Like we mentioned at the top of the review, we have played and reviewed quite a lot of online slot machines to the point where we have a pretty good idea on what punters want. Nowadays, slots that don’t look the part and don’t have an extensive features, it’s that simple. Granted there is one slot in this list that is rather basic, it’s inclusion is purposeful in offering you a bit of variation which you can play right now; having a list of all the same games would be boring.