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Biggest wins at Gonzos Quest Slot

Gonzo Free Spins

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Since its initial release in 2011, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest has been a fan favourite in the online slot game community. It is easy to why, as it personifies NetEnt’s culture of producing brilliantly designed games with plentiful opportunities to win big. Gonzo’s Quest was a pioneering game upon its release in being the first online slot to utilise a cascading reels feature, which NetEnt dubbed Avalanche Reels for this particular title. The Avalanche Reels, along with the Free Falls feature and the healthy Gonzo’s Quest RTP of 95.97%, have ensured that slots enthusiasts have been able to record some very healthy wins since the game’s release nearly a decade ago.

Due to the high variance of the game, wins are not recorded as often as some other online slots, but this means that when players do win, they often win big. Indeed, Gonzo’s Quest is a regular feature on online slots YouTube channels, with players showing off their big cash prizes. Here we will take a look at some of the ways in which you can land some jaw-dropping moments with NetEnt’s cheekiest little Amazonian adventurer.

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Winning with Standard Symbols

Gonzo is an enthusiastic little adventurer hunting for the golden-coated lost kingdom of El Dorado. He is grateful to have you join him on his quest, evidenced by his dancing and celebrating when you land a win in this game. Gonzo’s Quest utilises a series of aesthetically engaging standard symbols which complement this Mayan adventurer theme, these include various designs sculpted into stone slabs, such as facial masks, Earth element symbols and Mayan-style animal designs.

As the majority of your time playing this game will be spent in the base game, you will be making use of these standard symbols for your generic wins. While these wins are not the largest available, they are an essential part of the playing experience and will help keep your bankroll looking healthy in preparation for bigger gambles. This will involve working with the classic 5x3 slot reel and twenty pay lines. A win is registered in Gonzo’s Quest when you manage to secure between three and five matching symbols across any pay line. The more symbols, the higher the win. The highest paying standard symbols are the silver and gold mask symbols, so look out for those. The wild symbol is a golden question mark, which will also help things along by forming a part of winning combinations. With enough wilds and the higher value silver and gold mask symbols, the biggest win you can receive in the base game is 2,500x your stake. Play Gonzo and join the adventure on Daisy Slots!

How Can I Increase my Chances of Winning Big at Gonzo’s Quest?

Of course, any win is relative to your stake, which can vary in Gonzo’s Quest slot games from 20p to £50. Therefore, a determiner in your success at this game is choosing the right time to bet bigger and when to reduce your stake. In addition to this, you have the decision of how many pay lines to play at once. It is important not to blow all your bankroll in one go, so consider reducing your number of play lines to keep a sustained effort going and ensure you’re still in the game when the scatter symbols strike and trigger the bonus rounds where you’re more likely to win big. In addition, the likelihood of truly receiving Gonzo’s Quest’s RTP back as winnings is increased the longer you play the game.

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Avalanche Reels Feature

Gonzo’s Quest was the first online slot to utilise the Avalanche Reels feature, with numerous games following suit in recent years. NetEnt’s pioneering feature offers an exciting shake up to the standard way in which the reels spin and reveal winning lines. In the Avalanche Reels feature, as soon as you land a winning combination, the symbols which formed this combination will fall like tumbling rocks. In their place will land entirely new symbols which could land yet another winning combination during the same wager! The best part is this can happen an unlimited number of times, adding some serious excitement to the game and most importantly, the chance for big wins.

What’s more, upon landing a winning combination, the Avalanche Multipliers meter will come into play, with the multiplier increasing each time you land a consecutive win using the Avalanche Reels feature.

  • First Avalanche – 1x Multiplier
  • Second Avalanche – 2x Multiplier
  • Third Avalanche – 3x Multiplier
  • Fourth Avalanche – 5x Multiplier

Free Falls Bonus Round

A 5x Multiplier is nice I hear you say, but couldn’t we see something even more pulse-racing? Well, that is what the Free Falls section is all about. Land three golden mask scatter symbols across the first three reels at the same time and Gonzo will really be licking his treasure-seeking lips. First of all, the Free Falls feature awards you with ten free spins, which is never anything to be sniffed at. However, Gonzo’s Quest is an exciting slot in that these free spins intensify the Avalanche Multiplier feature. During these free spins, the multiplier following each consecutive avalanche blows the standard multiplier out of the water.

  • First Avalanche – 3x Multiplier
  • Second Avalanche – 6x Multiplier
  • Third Avalanche – 9x Multiplier
  • Fourth Avalanche – 15x Multiplier

Gonzo’s Quest RTP is 95.97%, with 65.3% of this RTP coming from the main game and the remaining 30.7% in the Free Falls feature. However, when this is put into practice, it’s possible to see the importance of the Free Falls feature for winning at this game. In the base game, your spin will land a win over 40% of the time, while during the Free Falls this rises to 54% of the time.

What Are My Biggest Potential Wins?

The key to winning big at Gonzo’s Quest is combining the two bonus features outlined above. During the Free Fall mode, you will have ten free spins which increase to twenty if you land three golden mask scatter symbols. This gives you a good opportunity to land four consecutive Avalanche wins, which as outlined above, will secure a 15x multiplier when in the Free Falls round. Slotspinner recorded a big win in January 2017 of over €1,000 during the Free Falls round by hitting the 15x Multiplier several times. He famously declared himself ‘a feelings player’. Similarly, in September that year, NickSlots bagged over £900 during the Free Falls segment by landing the twenty free spins and having some good fortune from there.

However, although not regularly hit, the maximum win during the free spins round is in fact 37,500 times your stake, if you’re able to utilise the 15x multiplier to the fullest extent. This method is indeed how best to utilise Gonzo’s Quest’s RTP of 95.97%. Furthermore, you can still win a tidy sum during the base game of 2,500 times your stake. Play smart on Gonzo’s Quest and reap the rewards but most of all, have fun and make sure Gonzo finds his lost treasure.

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