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How Could VR/AR Change Casino?

How Could VR/AR Change Casino?

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the two most significant driving forces behind the development of play slots games. It goes without saying that if we didn’t have technology and therefore the internet, we would not be able to play these online games at all, but as we live in an era where we take this connectivity for granted, VR and AR are the forefront driving force of gambling online.

It is paramount that we understand what they are in order to be able to make the most of them when using slots games online. They have half of the same name after all but this is not the only reason as to why they are so frequently misused and incorrectly understood. Let’s take a look at virtual reality and augmented reality, define them and see what the differences are. It’s probably a lot more simple than you think!

Understanding Virtual Reality (VR) in relation to Online Casinos

Virtual reality is where a player wears a headset in order to be able to enter into a virtual world. When wearing this headset, they are able to gain a 360-degree view of everything around them, can move, interact and play as they wish. The most popular type of VR headset is that of the Oculus Rift which was one of the very first VR headsets to be developed and it still has a huge fan-base, but this is not your only option if you are on the lookout of for purchasing a new headset. As time has passed and technology has advanced, many more headset developers have flooded the market, competing for business to enable many different prize brackets of consumers to be able to take advantage of the virtual reality world.

VR and Slots Games

VR and online slots uk games did not coincide until fairly recently. It was wasn’t until 2015 that SlotsMillion launched the first-ever VR casino online where players were able to interact with each other, use real-time features, marvel at the details around them, and explore in the 3D online casino. Since 2015, many of the big online gaming developers have taken an interest in the world of VR slot games and have spent their time developing their own VR online casinos. These include popular developers such as CASEXE, Microgaming, and NetEnt.

Players enjoy using VR to play their favourite slot games because they can become completely immersed in the experience of playing their game. But there is one drawback currently with this style of play! The headsets required are not only fairly pricey, but they are bulky in their size and they aren’t generally something people generally feel comfortable wearing when out in public. This means that if players are wanting to play slot games on a mobile device, they are not currently opting for VR related slot games. But with technological advancements occurring every single day, it will not be long before someone creates a smaller, easily portable and hard-wearing style of headset for gamers to wear when in public.

Virtual Reality and Online Casinos

Augmented Reality (AR) opens new potential to the iGaming industry

This is the imposition of virtual reality over real-life settings. The best example to give of an AR-based game that everyone has heard of would be Pokemon Go. To give it context here, you walk around your neighbourhood using your smart device and the environment you are in is clearly visible on your device. This is the real-life part. Then, at specific intervals, characters will appear that are not something you would come in to contact with if you were not playing this specific game. They are superimposed over your real-life background. This is the virtual reality part of the game. The combination of real-life and virtual reality is what creates Augmented Reality.

AR differs from VR because you do not have to wear a headset to be able to participate in this style of gameplay. All you need is a smart device and you can play anywhere, on the go and at any time. You don’t have to look silly whilst doing it either. But you do have to take notice of where you are walking so that you do not get yourself into any dangerous situations, such as roads, when you are all-consumed in catching Pikachu, etc.

AR and Slots Games

Augmented Reality is an easy and seamless way of joining real life with a virtual experience. It is accessible to anyone and is 100% affordable. If you have to pay for anything at all, it is sometimes the specific game you are wanting to play or maybe some extra data for roaming but most of us have this covered anyway.

Gambling with AR is a very exciting experience because it feels like you are in the same room as the slot machine itself. The noises are electrifying, the flashing lights are incredibly realistic, the reels twist and turn right in front of your eyes as if you were physically touching the slot machine in a brick and mortar style casino.

VR or AR?

AR is much more popular with gamers because no additional equipment is needed in order for you to be able to play your favourite slot game or for you to be able to trial a new slot game of this type. You are able to play AR games in any location and do not need to look ridiculous wearing a bulky, expensive and fragile headset.

AR slot games are a good competitor for online casino slot games, as you can play them both from your mobile device, be it your phone or your tablet. It doesn’t matter. You can have just as much fun on either and in any location. The mechanics, graphics and sound effects are getting players really excited to use AR slot games, but the VR world of slot gaming is not too far behind as technology continues to advance.

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