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How to Pick the Best Slot Site

Best Slots Sites

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Online slot games are some of the most popular online casino formats for a reason. They’re easy to play, require little money to get started, and come with genuine potential to win crazy money. And best of all, you can play them pretty much anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

But how do you choose the best slot sites to play on? That depends what you’re looking for in your slot games. There are several factors worth considering which could majorly influence your choice of site.

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High RTPs, Low Volatility

Every online slot will display its RTP, which is the percentage of money that is returned to the player. Most games usually have an RTP of around 95% - the higher the RTP, the higher your chance of winning.

Games with a higher RTP will tend to have lower payouts that come more frequently, whereas the lower RTP titles tend to come with huge payouts and lucrative jackpots, so it depends what you’re looking for in a slot game.

Volatility refers to how much risk is going to be involved when playing an online slot. Essentially, it tells you how often you can expect a slot to pay out. High volatility games pay out less, low volatility games pay out more.

Ideally if you can find a slot that has a high RTP and low volatility, then you’ll be on to a winner. They will be the most reliable slot games you’ll come across, so if its stability you’re after then they are what you should aim for.

Promotions & Offers

Like any business, slot sites are always fishing for new customers. Sometimes the bait that they'll dangle on the rod comes in the form of sign up offers and in game, and they’ll continue to do so as long as they keep reeling people into casino sites uk.

This knocks the ball straight into your court. You can maximise your number of free spins if you shop around for the best sign up bonuses, meaning that you can save a bit of money on your initial stake.

It won’t always be completely straightforward as a lot of the bonuses will come with wagering requirements that detail exactly how you can activate them. Always read the wagering requirements.

Slot bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, as online casinos really know how to give you the hard sell. The best slot site for you could be the one that simply offers you the most incentive to sign up. Shopping around for the best deal can save you money which you can reinvest in an online slot.

Free to Play Games for Fun

Not everybody likes to play slot games just to make money. For some, the fun of playing the game can be enough to make the time pass by. If you fall into that category, then you’re going to want to play something exciting.

Slot game mechanics don’t differ much from each other; a random number generator makes things spins and you win money – rinse and repeat. The differences come when developers put a lot of thought and effort into the design of their games, coming up with interesting characters and fun gimmicks.

The best slot site for you might be the one with the most interesting variety of games to keep you entertained for the longest.

Jackpots Available

This is arguably the most exciting part about playing a slot game. There’s serious money to be made as some games offer mind boggling jackpot sums. However, games with large jackpots usually offer lower RTP’s which makes sense – online casinos don’t want it to be easy to win millions of pounds.

The progressive jackpots slots generate the biggest windfalls as jackpots stack on top of each other until someone wins.

Some games will have a top payout jackpot which is the maximum amount possible that you can win on the slot itself - sometimes up to 10000x your original stake. These are usually triggered through in-game bonus features or hitting the maximum combinations of symbols.

If you’re going for the glory of one big score that you can brag about to everyone you meet, then sites with big-money games will be the best for you.