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How to Win at Online Slots in 2020

How to Win at Online Slots in 2020

Tips for Online Slots

There are lots of ways in which you can win at online slot games that do not involve attempting to cheat. Lucky really, because there aren’t really any ways in which you can cheat whilst you play online slots, due to the use of the RNG.

There are so many different casino slot sites and slot games within these online casinos available for us to play, that you will want to find the best games that suit you. But how will you know which slot games are going to enable you to win most frequently and the biggest quantities of cash? Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think to weigh up the pros and cons of different games so that you can discover the games that will enable you to win at online slots.

#1 Promotional Offers Pay

All casinos are in competition with each other, so they are constantly wanting to outdo each other to win the time of the players. They do this by promoting their site in ways which will encourage you to play and this works hugely to our advantage as players. For some sites, the promotion of their online casino is so important to them that they offer bonuses very frequently, like weekly, though others offer bonuses less often. You don’t even have to be a player of that site who uses the online gaming on a hugely frequent basis to be able to take advantage of this promo either.

Sites will send an email or text message depending on your contact preference settings when you created your profile during registration. Make sure that whenever you receive these methods of contact that you read what is contained within them. You don’t always have to take up the promo within them, but you may just want to take advantage here and there to be in with a chance of winning yourself some free cash. Promo offers appear in all shapes and forms, including those of free spins, reload bonuses or the ability to play new games before everyone else.

You should also be aware that sites offer really generous offers to new players, too, enticing them in to signing up or registering with a new site. These offers can be really beneficial to helping you on your way to earning big wads of cash. Look around at different sites and compare the different new player promotional offers. Promo does pay!

#2 Successful Slot Free Spins

With free spins up for grabs at many sites, whether you are a regular player or a new member to the site, this is a great way for you to be able to participate for free. You do not have to credit your account with any cash to be able to use the free spins and there is potential for you to be able to win significant amounts of cash by doing so. Whether you want to increase your chances of winning on your favourite slot game or experience a new game without it costing you a single penny, this is the time to do it.

Sometimes, free spins are for use on one particular game. When this is the case, the game in question is often a game newly released. Why not give a completely fresh game a go and see what you really think of it without any financial restrictions? After all, you have absolutely nothing to lose – your spins are free!

#3 Paytable Pros

Often, the paytables of slots games are overlooked. This is probably not intentional, its just not something that is known about hugely and therefore we don’t tend to bother ourselves about it. But perhaps we may start doing so when we realise that there is a huge benefit to doing so, both increasing the enjoyment we will get out of a slots gaming experience and the potential cash we can earn.

Comparing the paytables of just a couple of your favourite slot games will not take you a particularly long time but could be very financially rewarding. Though the differences may be tiny on first inspection, the difference long term, is guaranteed, be a lot bigger than you realised. See what the additional features of each game are. Look out for all of the things you really want a game to have and then find the ideal slot game for you where your likelihood of winning big are increased. Included bonus features within slots games, such as multipliers, scatters and wilds, will all help you to improve your chances of success.

#4 Slot Betting to the Max

It is a common misconception that winning at slots games is a really easy thing to do because all you need to be able to do is to max out the amount you are betting on each spin and ensure that the maximum number of paylines are in play. Wrong! This is absolutely not the case and will do nothing but eradicate all of your bankrolls really quickly and be hugely ineffective in the process.  You will not win doing this. Okay, this original theory can work, but it will take a long time to do so, by which time most players are unable to continue playing as they have spent all of their available funds and not even enjoyed the process of trying to win anything.

So, instead of using the above technique, try maxing out the number of paylines but altering the number of coins or financial correspondence, to suit your budget more effectively.

#5 Check the Volatility

Before you play on a slots game of any kind, it is advised that you take a look at the level of volatility that it sits at. There may be a hugely wide variation of games, but they can all be fitted into three brackets of volatility, though some do cross the boundaries. There are pros and cons to playing with the games at either end of the volatility scale.

Low volatility slot games display a higher percentage of RTP which means that the frequency of players winning is a lot greater, though the cash prizes are smaller in size.

High volatility slot games display a lower percentage of RTP, so players are unlikely to win as often but when they do, the returns will be significantly greater than those games with lower volatility wins.

Therefore, to increase your likelihood of winning, players are generally advised to look out for games which are low volatility to increase their likelihood of winning at all.

#6 Love Local Jackpots!

There are two different types of jackpot and you are probably aware of them. They are the local and network jackpots. They are generally both available on anyone online casino site, though their jackpot sizes are hugely different. Network jackpots are always much bigger than local jackpots but they are much harder to win them. This is because your chance of winning them is much smaller because there are so many people playing for the same prize jackpot from all over the place, not just the people playing in your local area.

If you are more interested in the chance of winning than the potential win size, you are best sticking to online slots games with local jackpots. You are still in with a chance of winning a sizeable sum and the likelihood of you winning is greatly increased over that of Network jackpot based online slot games.

#7 Pick Your Slots Game Wisely

There are lots of slots games to choose from. Some are bright, colourful and draw you in with their fun sounds and eye-catching graphics, others may have a theme that particular calls to you. Whatever it is, you can be sure that there will be a slots game that will be really exciting for you to play on. But, you need to be able to continue to make wise decisions even if you are playing on your favourite game with all of your favourite characters surrounding you as you do so. By this, we are talking about the issue when a slots game isn’t paying out. Now, there is no way around this so there’s nothing you can do to change the ability you have or don’t have to be able to win on this game. But it would be wise, if you have noticed that the game you are playing has not paid anything out for a considerable time, to move games. You can test your luck elsewhere, play on something new and there is absolutely nothing from stopping you from coming back and playing on your old favourite later. But if there has been a long period of time with no win, the chances are that you have hit a bad spell with this online slots game and you are not going to win here, or very little anyway. Making a wise decision and moving on before your bankroll runs out, can be the best way to winning yourself some money.

#8 Never skip the RTP of the Slot Game

There are lots of things which could sway your decision either for or against playing on a certain slots game. Lots of factors are important, but one of the most important things to take into consideration is the RTP or Return To Player. This is a percentage based figure, showing you how often money is won and paid to players. Every online slots game is assessed and has its own RTP so look out for these percentages. You want to look out for the higher percentages as these are the games where players win the most frequently and the most amounts of cash. If you want to be the next winner, the higher RTP online slots games are where you want to be playing your slots games.

#9 Winning Your Allegiance

All casinos want to win you over. They want you to register at their site over all of the others and become affiliated with them only. To do so, they offer incredible offers to attract you to them and these offers are getting more and more generous as the amount of online casinos increase. As there are so many options available to you, it would be advised to look for online casinos sites that do not have a maximum cash out price and you need to be aware of any wagering requirements, too. This can avoid the frustration of not be able to withdraw all of the money you have won on a site or the annoyance of only being able to withdraw some of the money you have won up to a specific value. You need to be aware of this so that the online casino doesn’t end up keeping any of the money you have been lucky enough to win.

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Winning at Slots Games - Our Verdict

There are lots of ways in which you can increase the likelihood of being able to win at slots games. These can range from anything from being in receipt of free spins as part of an online casino’s promotional offer to knowing what to look out for when you are choosing which game to play on your favourite site. In an ideal world, you would look for a slot game with a high RTP but a low volatility rating, which should, in effect, give you the perfect recipe to enable you to win, frequently and considerable sums of money. But we don’t live in a perfect world and no slots game is that simple to play, so what we have to do is pray that Lady Luck is with us when we embark on our next slot game journey and hope that a big jackpot win is just around the corner.

We hear about people winning big on slot games all the time, so there’s absolutely no reason why the next person this happens to shouldn’t be you. So, choose your slots game wisely, set your bankroll and set aside some time to play a game of slots that you have done all of your research on. You never know if your next win is going to be the biggest one yet!