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Mega Moolah Slots Review

Mega Moolah Slots Review

Mega Moolah Slot Guide

Mega Moolah is with no doubt a mobile slot game of mystery. It can be played in multiple currencies from as little as $0.25 per spin. But it still allows you the chance to walk away with a life-changing jackpot prize worth millions. As a result, the game has now developed its own impression. When it comes to playing, there are some gamers who spend little. Others play it as part of their regular slot routine while others will play it only when the jackpot grows to a certain level. Part of this is because Mega Moolah is a very well-known UK slots game. However, there are some aspects of the slot that are little known and Microgaming keeps it secret.  One main aspect that remains top secret is the odds of winning. Some people believe that if the odds of winning are known, it may put players off playing. This doesn’t make any sense since there are lots of other games with unknown odds yet people pay them on a regular basis. When you talk about a probability of one in a million or more, people feel that they are either going to win or not.

They also actual probability is irrelevant to them. It is for this reason that they continue to play these games. We think that Microgaming kept the odds of winning Mega Moolah a secret because it adds some intrigue to the game. This game offers higher chances of winning a progressive jackpot particularly when you look at the number of Mega Moolah wins and those paid out by other slots. Some of these rival slots have only paid one or two progressive jackpots in their lifespan. This cannot be compared to Mega Moolah. In March 2019, the slot paid out two progressive jackpot wins within two days. There is no need for Microgaming to reveal Mega Moolah's winning odds. This is because it won’t reduce people’s delight in the game.  By not revealing it, people get more excited when playing it in the hope that one day luck may be on their side. 

Mega Moolah Playing Strategies

There are different tips and strategies that one can use to start playing. All slot uk strategies revolve around a certain way to play. Below are the three common strategies:

The Average Jackpot Strategy

This strategy is based on the idea that the jackpot will most likely start around the average jackpot size. In this strategy, players start playing when the jackpot is slightly below $6,428,914 which is the average jackpot amount. 

The Scheduled Play Strategy

This strategy entails maximizing the number of spins you have and spreading out the spins while the jackpot is increasing. When using this strategy, you can start playing any time you want as long as you have a schedule.

Bonus Money Big Bets Strategy

In this strategy, you only need to place the highest bets possible with your bonus money to activate the online slot games jackpot wheel more often. This gives you more odds of winning the jackpot.