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Mobile slots pay by phone bill

How do you pay by phone bill for mobile slots?

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Online gaming technology has come forward in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with online slot machines uk games gaining heightened quality when it comes to a whole variety of factors - among them, graphics, animation, theme, soundtrack and gameplay. One of the best things about this advance has to be the rise in popularity of mobile slots in particular - phone-optimised slots which allow you to play a whole variety of fun-filled games while you are out and about. 

If you are keen to try a little gambling while you are on the hoof or on your lunch break at work, these slots are super straightforward to sign up for, as you can opt to pay by phone bill for mobile slots with the greatest of ease - literally all you need is your phone number and enough signal! Find out more about pay by mobile casino right here at Daisy Slots.

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How do you pay by phone bill for mobile slots? 

As we have already mentioned, opting to pay for your mobile slots using your phone bill is incredibly quick and easy to do. It is also safer and more secure than other more traditional methods, as well as being much faster, since you don’t need to input various sensitive information - such as your card details, for instance. 

The only requirements to pay by phone bill are a working UK phone number and, of course, enough signal on your phone to be able to receive SMS confirmations of deposits - and play games via the online casino apps, obviously. 

There are two different options when it comes to paying by phone bill for slots, depending on if you are on a pay as you go tariff or have a phone contract with a monthly bill. Happily, both these options are perfectly okay, so it doesn’t matter which kind of phone tariff you use. The only difference lies in the speed in which your mobile slot transactions will take place. 

Pay as you go mobile tariffs will deduct the money from your account right away, whereas if you have a monthly contract, the money won’t be taken from your account until you get your phone bill. 

Here is a quick and extremely simple guide to how you pay for mobile slots by phone bill: 

  1. Select a casino site you are keen to try which allows you to pay by phone bill. These sites are increasingly on the rise now due to the growing popularity of this method and people’s growing reliance on their phones as forms of entertainment. 
  2. Put in the amount of money you would like to deposit. Note that this amount will be capped on a daily basis and will often be limited to somewhere between £10 and £30. 
  3. Wait for a verification SMS from the casino site, which should appear in seconds, and reply to confirm that you are happy to make the deposit. 
  4. The funds should now be credited to your account on the online casino site and you can start playing those awesome mobile slots! 

Mobile payment platforms in the UK 

In this section we delve deeper into the actual mobile payment process and what platforms are most often used in the UK to help you make your pay by phone deposit to play fruit slot games. Listed below are the most commonly found mobile payment platforms online and mobile casinos use in the UK:

  • Boku: Boku is a highly popular payment platform which is not only used in the UK but in dozens of other countries around the world, thanks to how quick and easy it is - not to mention how secure. Boku is headquartered in the USA and was founded in 2009. There are a number of online and mobile casinos which allow you to pay by Boku, with the money being deducted from your monthly phone bill.
  • Payforit: Payforit is another mobile payment platform often encountered in the UK. Payforit mobile casinos allow you to make deposits and pay either by using your pay-as-you-go credit or by adding the amount to your monthly phone bill.
  • MuchBetter: MuchBetter is slightly different to the previous two platforms as it comes in the form of a payment app which you need to download to your phone - not an onerous task, you must admit, as it will only take a few seconds to get. As with the other two methods, MuchBetter is quick and easy to use; you just have to verify any transactions through the app rather than by SMS. 

The magical world of mobile slots 

Thanks to the dramatic advances in mobile technology of late, which allow people to use phones for so much more than calling and texting, mobile slots are really booming, with more and more developers jumping on the bandwagon to create amazing slots optimised for your phone screen. These slots allow you to have all of the fun and excitement of a normal casino experience while on the go, or simply cuddled up at home on your couch. You could play them on your way to work on your bus, on your lunch break, or to while away a quiet evening - and if you were expecting the quality of the games to be a little lacking compared to normal online slot games, you would be wrong! There are so many amazing mobile slots to try, with a huge variety of themes and bonuses to choose from. 

How do you play mobile slots? 

When it comes to actually playing mobile slots, many online casino sites will have an app version which you can download to your phone for a mobile-optimised gambling experience. Alternatively many of these sites also feature a HTML5 mobile version which provides a smooth and pleasurable experience when played on your phone screen. Use these sites or apps the same way as you would a normal casino site - simply scroll through their selection of games to find the one that would suit you the best, click on it, and start playing! 

Pros and cons of paying by phone bill 

As you have learned already, the advantages of paying by UK phone bill are pretty clear, with one of the main ones being how secure they are. This is thanks to the encryption technology used by many mobile casinos in order to protect your data. In addition, using your phone bill to pay means you don’t have to put in any sensitive info when you make a deposit - the main security issue you have to make sure of is that you don’t lose your phone or have it stolen. 

Another big pro when it comes to paying for mobile slots by phone is how easy it is - not only to make the payments, which require a simple verification, but also to cancel them if you make a mistake or change your mind about an amount. Simply send a direct text to cancel a transaction if you don’t want to make it anymore. What could be easier? 

Thirdly, when it comes to advantages you should also be happy to learn that phone deposits are usually capped, so you can only pay a certain amount per day. The exact number will vary from casino to casino but usually hovers between the £10 and £30 mark. These limits enable you to keep on top of your mobile slots budget. 

Now for the cons… of which there is only one you really need to consider. This is the issue surrounding withdrawals. As you can imagine, you can’t actually withdraw money using your phone bill or pay as you go tariff, so you will still need to add an additional payment method in order to claim your winnings, such as your bank card or an e-wallet like Paypal. Happily, if your mobile casino site allows you to use MuchBetter you can make withdrawals through this app. 

Can you claim bonuses when you play mobile slots? 

A quick note on bonuses for those not in the know - if you are worried that you may not be able to take advantage of bonuses and promotions when playing mobile slots, you will be relieved to hear that you absolutely can! Playing mobile slots is no different in this respect to playing any online slot game on a casino site. 

Popular mobile slots you may want to try!

To conclude on a fun note, here is a little round-up of some of the most popular mobile slot games you may want to sample!

  • Starburst: this much loved slot game from NetEnt has a cult following. Start playing to find out why! 
  • Gonzo’s Quest: also developed by NetEnt, this game is a very well-known video slot which combines an epic adventure with the opportunity to win some lucrative prizes.
  • Crystal Mirror: produced by Red Tiger, this high volatility slot game is sure to bring you plenty of thrills as well as a powerful hunger to try and score its jaw-dropping 5000x max payout! 
  • Vikings Go Wild: if you love a quest through the frozen north then this Yggdrasil mobile slot is sure to appeal, with its ocean-going warriors, 25 paylines and golden treasures waiting to be won. 

Final thoughts 

We hope this overview of mobile slots and how to pay for them by phone bill has been helpful. Now all you need to do is get your phone in hand and start searching for the exciting mobile slots you would most like to play! 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.