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New Slots Releases: Rainforest Magic Bingo

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A brilliant way to play online casino bingo with a twist is Rainforest Magic Bingo! It is full of thrilling characters, sounds and scenery that want more from us. Online bingo games, particularly when you want to change it up a little, are a great alternative to your run of the mill slots.

Even in their bingo launches, Play 'n Go never lets us down. This game contains extraordinary features such as extra balls, a jackpot with advancement, and two bonus rounds! Read more on rainforest magic bingo or play this online casino games now on Daisy casino.

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Play N Go: Developer of Rainforest magic bingo

Back in 1997, when Play 'n GO joined the world of online gaming, they had a handful of well-established providers to compete with. As a relatively small business compared to limited capital, they naturally wanted to start with some good games. One might argue that their first games as such were just copies from other manufacturers of some of the most common games. However, there are tons of amazing and unique slots from this gaming studio that will keep bettors on their toes.

Some play 'n Go online casino game titles include:

  • Book of Ra
  • Book of Dead
  • Moon Princess

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How to Play Magic Bingo of the Rainforest

The very first step that you need to take is to pick the number of cards that you want to play with. You can start the game with four, but there is a choice to turn each one on or off.  Each card serves as a single bet. You can adjust the number of cards you play with a button called "cards" on the bottom menu bar.

You will set your coin worth and your coins in this section as well. All of this will tie in to how much you bet on a single spin. As you see fit, you will adapt and change.

Bonuses in this New Slot

Crop Magic Bonus:  You will find yourself winning up to 1300 times your bet and by the number of cards you play, with this bonus! By making a Perimeter Pattern, you do this. You will have to pick a flower to earn your reward, each of which will have a secret surprise underneath. With an extra pick, you will also find yourself awarded and can repeat it up to eight times.

Slate of Treasure: Who has no respect for treasure? This will be unlocked with up to 30 balls when you land a bingo pattern on any of your cards. Only by using all four of your cards at around the same time will you do this.

Additional Ball: Do you wish you had another ball? Well, you should pick it up! To win a prize equal to or better than 8 times the bet per card, simply press the Extra Ball option. There are 13 possibilities for this Extra Ball feature to be used, and each will have its own cost. That means you're going to have to determine if the game is good enough for you!

Bonus Mystery: Every game feels like a mystery, but this choice really is! By defining the Rail Pattern, award yourself a random prize. You will find yourself with this bonus with a bet per card of 700x!

Should you Try Rainforest Magic Bingo?

Although this game is not your regular slots uk game, it is a great way to take on online slots gambling in a different form. For any animal lover, Rainforest Magic Bingo still has all the hype, bonus features and prizes you need. There may be a couple of downsides to this casino game offering, but it is a very friendly one if you keep an open mind.

It is also interesting how slot lovers will find Rainforest magic bingo fresh and new, especially when they get bored of playing their regular slot machines.