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Online Slots vs. Traditional Slots

Online Slots vs. Traditional Slots

Though their screens may look rather similar, there are a good many differences between land-based slot machines and those of online gaming slot machines. But is beating the slot game the only thing that players are wanting to take advantage of, or are there other possibilities, such as the size of the jackpots and the number of pay lines which increase the likelihood of being able to win? AS there are now so many different styles of slot machines to be able to choose to play on, there are more decision to make than ever before. Let’s take a look at how you could increase your chances of winning on your favourite slot game.

Traditional Slots

Often, people enjoy setting a specific amount of time aside to be able to go and have time out within their favourite casino setting. They take the physical time out of their busy schedule to be able to do so, use chips to the value of their cash credit, and are able to choose from the specific machines within the designated casino. The choice between games is limited and if someone else is playing on your favourite game at the time you are wanting to play on it, then you either have to wait or find something else to play on until they are finished. These games and machines are not updated very frequently as it is so expensive for the casinos to do so, so the games you play are rarely up to date or the latest craze that everyone is talking about. Suffering occasionally from a technical malfunction, the bricks and mortar casino slot games can get stuck or work incorrectly. This can work in the favour of the player which is an added bonus, though not ideal when it works against you.

Online Slots

Online slot games have really taken off with players all over the world, mainly due to the ease of which they can be played and the convenience of them. They can be played anywhere that the player has internet connectivity and can be played on any form of a mobile device through the direct website or specific downloaded app. There is a huge amount of choice for players using online slot games, as they can be regularly updated and any flaws in the games can be amended to ensure that the games remain at a high standard. Unable to ever breakdown, the online slots offer a much better return on a players’ money than a land-based slot game, with more frequent winnings and greater jackpots. Another reason that online slots are highly favoured, is their accessibility. Players are able to access online slot games at literally any time of the day or night, in any time zone, and from anywhere in the world. There is no restriction, other than the legal age limit to a site, so you are able to play without leaving your home, on the tube, or even whilst waiting for a meeting to start.

Beating the Video Slots

There is no simple, nor legitimate, way of beating slots machine any more as the advancement of technology has increased their general security and thanks to the help of RNG. But there are ways in which you can increase the likelihood of being able to win and being able to win the larger jackpots. So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of beating online slot machines to win big? Let’s take a look at how no deposit bonuses, pay lines and limiting your bankroll can all assistant you in winning substantial cash prizes and beating the slots machine of your choice.

Winning at Slots Potential

We all have the potential to win at playing slots, although it isn’t as easy to win this style of games as many people believe. They are fun, colourful and highly enticing, so how do we increase our potential to win? 


Before playing, you must choose your bankroll. If you are not aware of what this is specifically, this is the amount of money you are limiting yourself to play with during your slots playtime. You can decide on an appropriate figure for slots play whether you are using land-based or online slots games, but this should always be done before play starts, not during when the adrenaline is pumping. Not creating a bankroll or setting it during play, may lead to financial misfortune on a fatal scale. Setting a financial limit is much easier to do when using an online casino game, as it will automatically cease play when you limit has been reached.

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Slot Paylines

Paylines are not the most interesting things to talk about, but if you learn that you can only win a jackpot by placing bets on all play lines, you will suddenly take an interest in them. If you are limited with the number of pay lines, then you will not be in with a chance of winning the jackpot prize. Winning big is not affected by the amount of money you bet, the number of coins you bet per pay line or the time you are playing on your chosen free slots game, but the number of pay lines you are betting on. The best option, and in most people’s opinion, the only option, is to lower the amount of money per pay line and increase the number of pay lines to the maximum number possible. This can only be done on an online slot machine.

No Deposit Bonus

There are times when every online casino will offer its players, new and existing, the chance to be able to play for free. This is where you are able to use a slots game without having to credit your account with any cash at all. This is not possible with land-based games. Whatever you win from this no deposit bonus, you are able to keep as a cash prize. Increasing your existing balance, explore new slot games that you’ve never played before, or have some free play on an old favourite. Whatever you decide to do, take full advantage of any no deposit bonus offered.

Neither land-based or online slot machines can be beaten easily, but you are definitely in with a better chance of being able to win big when playing online slots.