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Boku casino

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If you are playing online slots and other casino games and you want an easy way to pay by phone casino uk site, Boku is one of the most popular options.

This mobile payment platform has been designed to make mobile payment as simple as possible, making it an ideal choice for paying on casino sites. 

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What is Boku? 

Boku is a San Francisco-based company, previously known as Vidicom Ltd. The company offers a mobile payment platform with a feature called carrier billing, allowing people to pay using their mobile phone number - this means anyone without a credit card, or even a normal bank account, can still make payments easily, through their phone network. 

Since its inception Boku has gone from strength to strength, forming key partnerships with various businesses, including many online casino sites. The company’s platform is even used by the likes of Google Play Store and Apple Inc. 

Boku’s growth and success has not gone unrecognised over the years. In 2011, Mobile Trax awarded the company with its Mobility Award; in the same year, Forbes selected Boku as one of its 25 most promising companies, an accolade Forbes was to reissue two years later in 2013. 

The following year, in 2014, Boku was again awarded by Mobile Trax, this time being presented with the Best Alternative Payments prize.

How to Pay by Phone on Casino Sites with Boku

Thanks to its ease of use and popularity, there are a plethora of best online slots uk sites which incorporate Boku as a payment method. 

Once you have found one of these casino sites the actual payment process is simple.

  1. Find the transaction page on the casino site and place your deposit using Boku. You do this by selecting the amount you wish to deposit - which can be as little as £3 or as much as £30, if you wish - and input your mobile number. 
  2. You will then receive a text to your mobile phone seeking confirmation of this deposit and all you have to do is select either Yes or No (represented by the letter Y or the letter N). 
  3. Another message will then appear, confirming the transaction, and you will receive a receipt, which you should not delete, as it is proof of payment. The deposit will appear on your mobile phone bill or it will be taken from your current phone credit. 

Once the transaction has been confirmed, you can get on with the fun part - playing your favourite slots online games. 

The Advantages of Paying by Phone using Boku

Probably the biggest benefit of using Boku to pay by phone on casino sites is that it doesn’t require users to have a credit card or bank account, and requires no additional registration. This also means you don’t have to give out any bank details, thereby potentially risking your security. In addition, the fact that you validate your payments using your mobile phone ensures that only you can okay them. 

Another big plus of using this payment platform is that it is free, with no extra charges - and this includes the texts you send in order to confirm the deposits you make. 

If these advantages weren’t enough, Boku is also quick and simple to use, allowing you to make a deposit and authenticate it in seconds. The payment process will vary slightly depending on which casino site you use, but it is always simple and straightforward. 

Finally, using Boku means you can play as much as you want, and pay the balance at the end of the month.

The Downside of Using Boku 

Everything comes with its disadvantages, and Boku is no exception. While it is quick and easy to use, there are some drawbacks. 

For one thing, the mobile payment platform is not yet available throughout the world, although it is already used in over 50 countries and is sure to keep expanding. 

Another con is the deposit limit, which restricts you to £30, meaning big spenders will not be able to splash the cash in the way they might prefer. 

Using Boku also means you miss out on welcome bonuses and other promotions - and you run the risk of fraud, if your phone is stolen.  

Where You Can Use Boku in the UK

Boku is widely available on many online casino sites, including Wizard, Easy Casinos, Slots Baby Casino and plenty of others. Using this mobile payment platform will allow you to easily make deposits to play all kinds of online casino games, including roulette, blackjack, bingo and play slots games