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One of the many advantages of the advancements in modern technology when it comes to online gambling is the fact that you can now pay by phone on many casino sites in the UK. This means you can play online casino games when you are out and about, or sitting comfortably on your couch at home, without having to be seated at a computer. 

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The Benefits of Phone Payments at UK Casinos

There are a number of advantages to paying by phone on online casinos in the UK, with one of the main ones being how easy and accessible it is. Anyone can learn how to do it, in just a few simple steps - and once you have made your transaction, you can start playing right away.

Another crucial benefit is the security of this method of payment. Since all you have to use is your mobile phone number, you will not have to put in any of your financial details - and since the confirmation for any deposit you make will go straight to your mobile phone, you can be sure that only you can authenticate the purchase. 

This method of making a deposit is ideal for players who do not want to splash too much cash around, as there is usually a fixed limit of approximately £30. However, this will not be such a boon to high rollers who prefer to make a higher wager. 

Finally, another advantage of pay by phone casino sites is that there are an increasing number of online casinos which have adopted this form of payment, and the number is sure to keep rising all the time. 

Drawbacks with pay by phone casino uk sites

In truth, there aren’t many downsides to paying with your mobile when playing online slots in the UK. 

There are just a few main issues. The first is that the funds you can deposit are limited, usually to around £30, which is ideal for playing online casino games with smaller wagers but restricts players who want to stretch their purse strings and play for the really big stakes. 

The second issue revolves around promotions and welcome bonus offers, which you will no longer be entitled to, thanks to the restricted deposit. 

Another problem is security; mobile payments are mostly highly secure - unless someone steals your phone. Then you could be subject to fraud. However, this is unlikely to happen, and in general paying by phone is less risky.

The final problem is centred on winnings - you will not be able to withdraw your winnings using the mobile payment platform as they only allow a transfer of funds from you to the casino, so you will need to set up an alternative method for withdrawals, such as an e-wallet or even cheques.  

How do you go about paying by phone at uk casinos?

There are several mobile payment platforms available for you to choose from when you are using online casinos. 

  • Pay by phone casino boku is one of the most popular, having steadily risen through the ranks over the past few years. One of the main advantages to using Boku is the confidence users can have in its security. It is also a simple and straightforward platform to utilise, allowing you to make your deposit and start playing with just a few quick steps. 
  • Siru is another platform that offers secure online payments, and has a deposit limit of £240 per month, giving you the chance to stake more money than you would be able to with other platforms. Siru is very popular in the United States and Scandinavian countries such as Norway. The process is, again, straightforward - you will receive a code, when you wish to make a payment, and this code must be used in 24 hours or it will become invalid. 
  • Payforit is another highly popular mobile platform, with a high prevalence of use among online casinos. With this option, you can either choose to take your deposit from your monthly phone bill, as with Boku, or pay for it using the traditional method of your credit or debit card. Either way, Payforit offers excellent security and a range of other helpful features. 

Ready, steady, pay

Now that you have learned the ins and outs of how to pay by phone on casino sites in the UK, all you have to do is check the payment methods for the site you are playing on, and see which platform they have to offer. Then all you need to do next is make your deposit - and start playing slots games!