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The Biggest Online Slots Wins

The Biggest Online Slots Wins

Biggest Wins at Online Slots

With so many different free slots games to be able to choose from, it is hard to make a decision sometimes. But certain things may sway your mind. When it comes to winning and winning big, there are certain sites more likely to enable you to do so. Other sites have a higher percentage RTP rate, whilst others offer a bigger selection of lower volatility slot games. Lower volatility slot games mean that you are in with a higher chance of being able to win but the jackpot you are entitled to will always be smaller than slots games with a great volatility score. The popularity of games is always worth taking into consideration as players as quick to determine which games are going to be the most advantageous to their pocket.

To excite you further and show you why slot games can be so good to play, we are going to tell you all about the top 5 biggest slot wins of all time.

Mega Moolah Slot

In fifth position is that of Mega Moolah slot, which was a big online casino slots game winner in April 2017. Being played in the Tipico Mobile Casino site, this lucky though anonymous winner received $9.2 million. Though there have been winners who have received larger jackpot figures than this, this still remains the largest winning to date on any mobile casino. But will you be the next person to win a Mega Moolah slot game and take over the title?

Mega Fortune Slot

At just thirty years old, 2015 saw Alexander scoop a cool €8.57 million jackpot prize. Mega Fortune promotes two things to get your attention and encourage you to play its slots game and these are the supposed promise of making players wealthy and entitling them to a life of luxury. To many, yes, this is somewhat dubious, but Alexander is living proof that this slots game lives up to its promises, at his lodgings back in Sweden. This was a great advertisement for Folkeautomaten online casino site and an opportunity for them to make a very public appearance.

Mega Fortune Slot Again

In September 2011, a Norwegian man was having a very restless night and struggled to be able to sleep. He tossed and turned for a long period of time but to no avail, before deciding to try and lull himself to sleep by playing on his favourite slots game. Mega Fortune absolutely lived up to its name that night, winning this sleep-deprived Norwegian €11,736,375. At that time, this was a record-holder, though it has since been knocked off the top spot by other slots game winners. There is no doubt that Betsson Casino has the ability to produce more record-breaking winners in the future though!

Another Mega Fortune Win

Second place in the biggest slot game wins of all time takes us to Finland, where Mega Fortune struck again. An anonymous, 40-something placed a bet of 25 cents, no doubt with little hope placed upon it. They will have been over the moon to realise that they had won €17,861,800 from such a small bet, and we would be, too! Playing on Paf Casino, this was a particularly great win considering that Paf is the number one casino in Finland and the jackpot was won by a very deserving Fin. For quite some time, this Finnish result held the number one place in the biggest slot win record, but there is now someone else in top spot…

Mega Moolah Slot Winner

Marching into top spot is soldier, Jon Heywood, who won a whopping £13,209,300. Though when this is converted into Euros, the difference is not huge at all, it was still enough to beat the anonymous Fin off top spot. Number one position of biggest slot winners of all time is now held by a UK soldier who was 26 at the time of his win. Not a bad way to start your adult life or time as a civvy really! Jon had great plans as to what to do with his cash, namely buying cars and travelling, but what else has he done in the time since he has won? Betway Casino definitely paid out to a deserving winner!

Online Slot Big Wins

If you look closely at all of the wins within this list of top five, you might spot a few similarities between the winners of the top spots. Coincidence that all top five big wins occurred through Mega games, and only through Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah? Perhaps not! Although there is an obvious clue in the names of these games (Mega), they aren’t the only games that have ever paid out big wins to their players. So if you are looking for alternative games to be able to play, we can suggest a couple more options for you to be able to consider. Test you slot game skill at any of the following to see if you can push one of the current top five biggest online slot games winners off their perch.

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Big Win Slot Games

You can try your hand at becoming an online slots game millionaire by playing on Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune. You may have played on these before or you may be looking for a different slot game to be able to play on. If that is the case, then why not take a look at Hall of Gods, Jackpot Giant and Mega Fortune Dreams? As we have already discovered, it is not about how much you place your bet for that will determine whether you win or not. It is more a case as to whether luck is on your side and how patient you can be. So pray that Lady Luck when you next play on your favourite slot game because it might be you who is next mentioned in our top five big winners on slots games article!