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The Evolution of Fruit Machines


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Fruit machines have been around for hundreds of years now. Casino players love making an evening, or a day, of it and visiting their favourite pub, club or casino for some gaming.

Thanks to the invention of the online casino, you now play your favourite fruit machines in the form of online slots. This allows you to play slots from the comfort of your own home. This is perfect for busy casino gamers who struggle to fit in some gaming time! But where did fruit machines come from? What’s the history behind them? These are questions that we’re going to answer, so stay tuned to find out about the evolution of the fruit machine. If you would like to play an online fruit machine now, then head to the online casino Daisy Slots!

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Fruit Machines Getting Pioneered - New York 1891

During this time, Sittman and Pitt developed a slots machine for players to gamble on. This wasn’t to be the fruit machine that we are used to today, however it was a vital first step in its creation. This machine had five drums that held 50 cards. This machine based its rules from the card game Poker. They didn’t include all of the 52 cards in a deck to improve the House edge. They removed the Jack of Hearts and the 10 of Spades, making it difficult to land a Royal Flush win.

Despite this, this machine proved to be extremely popular with the gambling public of New York and soon you could find it in most pubs. To play you would need to push in a nickel and pull the lever at the side of the machine. The drums would then being spinning, and the player would find out if they had the winning hand. The machine didn’t have a way of paying out wins, so players would win beer or cigars instead of money!

Liberty Bell - The First Fruit Machines

In the 1880’s a fruit machine was made by a man called Charles Fey. He designed a far simpler fruit machine, and it is known as the Liberty Bell. This machine has three reels that could spin and there were five symbols. These were a Liberty Bell, spades, hearts, diamonds and horseshoes. Due to the simplicity, the machine was able to successfully read wins and therefore it could dispense an automatic payout! This machine proved to be super popular with gamblers thanks to the payout system.

During this time other fruit machines were made, and they offered their players prizes of chewing gum and sweets. Fruit machines paid out food due to the restrictive gambling laws in many American states.

1960s: Electromechanical Fruit Machines

Bally invented the first electromechanical fruit machine back in 1963. It was named Money Honey and it was the first machine that was able to give out money as an automatic payment. It needed a casino worker to help with this, but it was still a huge step forward. It could award a player with a maximum payout of 500 coins! Also during the 1960s, these type of fruit machines were extremely popular in the UK. However due to UK gambling laws they could not be played in pubs.

2000s: The Fruit Machine Online World

The first real money online slot games casino was invented back in 1996, and many more have been popping up since then! Online casinos know that players will be searching for an immersive gaming experience, and what’s better than a fruit machine to give them that? There are literally hundreds of online fruit machines to choose from now, and slot developers are getting more and more creative with them. This can be in terms of design, bonuses and prizes. It’s exciting when we come across an online fruit machine now that offers free spins, multipliers or Jackpots!

This is because it is combining the old with the new and giving the machine a nice update. Head over to Daisy Slots for a great slot gaming experience and a range of fruit machine options to choose from.

Final Fruity Thoughts

So there we have it! The history behind the evolution of fruit machines is a fascinating one. It is fun to trace it from its humble beginnings to where it is now!

The online slot world introduced many players to the wonders of the traditional fruit machine game, and this is a huge plus to online casinos. Check out some traditional fruit machine games over at the online casino Daisy Slots, you won’t be disappointed!