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The Top 8 Gambling Destinations in the World

The Top 8 Gambling Destinations in the World

Almost every city in the world has an area within it where gambling is rife but there are some cities which are famous for gambling. We wanted to look into this and find out what the best gambling destinations around the world are and the reason as to why they are so well-renown. Most readers will be aware of slot uk and online casinos, but some places should not be forgotten when the topic is casino-related. After all, what’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions Las Vegas? Not surprisingly, guess what’s in a number one…?

Las Vegas, USA

There is a reason why Las Vegas is commonly referred to as Sin City and it is definitely in relation to its gambling prowess. The desert state of Nevada is filled in every corner with casinos ranging in their gambling status, some reserved only for the richest, famous and most powerful people in the world. There’s something for everyone here whether you want to bet a couple of cents or take your chances by risking billions, it is viewed almost like an extreme sport, with spectating just as popular as actually participating.

 Top Gambling Destinations - Las Vegas

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Its reputation precedes it when it comes to Monte Carlo’s gambling profile. Home and playground to some of the wealthiest people on the planet, casinos began to appear here in the 19th century and they certainly haven’t lost their appeal. From the modern and showy, to the traditional and more regal style casinos, every gambling style is catered for here. Many regular gamblers flock here to fulfil a lifetime ambition of being able to play their favourite game within one of the world’s most famous casinos – Casino de Monte Carlo. With opulence in abundance and a strict dress code, test your luck in one of the oldest, most glamorous and most easily identifiable casinos in the world.


Macau, China

Hong Kong may be a more well-known place for gambling lovers to travel to, but Macau is one of the biggest up and coming gambling regions in the world. Visiting Macau to discover the casinos has been said to be one of the best reasons for visiting Asia due to the impact that Macau has had. It has significantly changed the area, economy and tourism markets of this lesser-known part of Asia, once a Portuguese colony, and is now home to some of the biggest names in gambling, including famous companies from Las Vegas who saw its potential early on.


London, England

If you are looking for a getaway where the reputation of casinos is high, then London is a great place for you to head to. The casinos here are very exclusive and are generally members only, so you are able to safely bet with no distractions until your heart is content, or your pocket is empty! There are also public casinos for you to embark on which are hugely popular in set boroughs, though there is a set limit of £25 minimum spend, so if you are a low stakes gambler, you may want to vacation elsewhere.


Marina Bay, Singapore

Want everything you could possibly need for a gambling style holiday all under one roof? Marina Bay is nothing short of miraculous in this department. With numerous and seemingly endless options for different gaming, gambling and betting fun, the Marina Bay Sands Casino is the dream playground for gambling adults in search of holiday fun. Not only does it have all the casino based necessities you may require, but you are also able to stay on-site in one of the 2,500 bedrooms, splash around and cool off in one of many swimming pools and even party the night away in the in-house night club facilities.


Paradise Island and Nassau, Bahamas

You might assume that the Bahamas is all sun, sea and sunbathing, and in many respects, you would be right but it is also home to a famous attraction, for tourists and locals, professionals and newbies. The Crystal Palace Casino lives in Nassau and is where the famous Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure Tournament is hosted annually. This is the reason why Crystal Palace Casino is so popular as many people want to be able to play in the same location as their gambling hero. So instead of associating all of the Caribbean with sun, sea and sunbathing, perhaps we need to change our mindsets to chips, casinos and cocktails, instead?


Paris, France

When we think of Paris and associate it with the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa and the Arc de Triomphe, along with many more architectural and cultural delights. You would not be wrong in thinking this but there is definitely something else to consider when travelling to Paris: Casinos! It hasn’t been very long since the online gambling ban has been lifted, so because of this, casinos were the answer to the Parisian gambler. This was not an illegal activity and they could come and go as they pleased. As Paris is wealthy, popular and a huge tourist trap, there is a large and growing population of casinos here with some of them being on the same level as some of the best in the world. Although, this is subjective really – it depends what you’re looking for in a casino really!


World Gambling Destinations

We have given you a list of some of the best gambling destinations around the world and the reasons they are considered to be the best. But there are plenty more for you to choose from if you are considering a gambling getaway and none of the above takes your fancy. Alternatively, you could consider:


  • Heading to Los Angeles, the home of some of the world’s best poker players, and testing your luck in the Commerce Casino;
  • Visiting Atlantic City, New Jersey, to see the gambling industry responsible for keeping this hard-hit state alive – Gambling is the beating heart here!;
  • Find 15 casinos where variety and affordability are at the centre of everything they do in San Jose, Costa Rica, with quite literally something for any type of gambler.


These are the top 10 best gambling destinations around the world, the next question is, what order are you going to visit them in? Nonetheless, if you just want to check and play slot games, you can always do that from the comfort of your home.