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Top 10 Online Slots with Bonus Games

Top 10 Online Slots with Bonus Games

Top 10 Free Spins Bonus Rounds Across Slot Games

UK slots games are something of a sensation in the world of online gambling right now, with the flourishing online gaming community really getting a kick out for the spinning reels that provide so much fun and thrills. The format has come an awfully long way since the days of the old fashioned fruit machine that used be the norm. You know the one? You can still find of these flickering ukslots in the corner of the odd pub, club, chip shop or bar even still today.

But for the most part, the slot machine is now very much an online format and people are loving the brilliantly interactive nature of the game in this online arena. Functional across all of smartphones, tablets and desktop devices, online slot machines are not only more advanced and detailed that the old land based games, but they are also more accessible, too. They can come in a whole range of themes and this, along with the rise and rise of smartphone users and mobile gaming, is one of the main reasons as to why the format has become oh so popular in the last decade or so.

Another reason for the immense popularity of online slot games though, has to be down to the amazing bonus features that they offer. Bonuses have the potential to change a very average slot game and a very average win into an enormous one, with the offering of multipliers, free spins or perhaps a bonus game separate from the standard game play of a video slot machine altogether. In this article, we are celebrating bonus features in online video slots and concentrating on the best bonus feature of them all, the free spins round.

You can expect us to take you through our favourite free spins rounds of all time across various online casinos and slot game developers, with our top free spins round across slot games. Also, a brief introduction on what a bonus feature is when it comes to slot games and some information on how to trigger these rounds as well. All this and more in this comprehensive road upon of the best that free spins can offer in the vibrant world of online slot games.

Slot Bonuses Explained

A bonus feature in a online sot game or video slot machine is almost always good news. This is because bonus features are extra features away from the base gameplay that help players get their wins up or at the very least, increase the chances of the player winning or the size of the prize they could win.

A bonus feature can come in various shapes and sizes and they range in how effective they are. Although, as already mentioned, they are almost always good news and therefore, expect to be fist pumping and cheering, edging the edge of your seat, when you manage to trigger a bonus feature. They can vary from free spins rounds as discussed in great detail here in this article, to multiplier symbols that double, triple and expand your wins, to mini games such as pick me features and wheels of fortune that can offer a whole heap of prizes and different ways to rake in the cash.

Bonus Slots - top 10

Free Spins Bonuses

However, as we are focussing on the genuine wonders that are free spins bonus features in this here article, we should first off explain exactly what a free spins bonus is.

A free spins bonus is actually quite simple and self-explanatory, as what they offer is the chance to spin the reels of a slot game for absolutely free. This means that when a free spins round is active, the player will not need to place a bet to make the reels spin and enjoy the rewards of what the reels may or may not conjure up. Depending on what game you are playing, the free spins round can offer extra benefits, too.

Extra advantages of free spins bonuses

Not only do players not need to add to their betting stake when enjoying free spins round, but they will often come with extra advantages and benefits, too. For example, many free spins rounds will offer the chance to use extra multipliers to the stake or the wins when symbols are lined up using a free spin.

Also, another common bonus to be found within a free spins round is the chance to win more free spins. This is done by landing the combination that triggered the free spins in the first place - often done by landing scatter symbols - and then adding to your tally of free spins. While not all free spins bonuses offer the chance to win more free spins, the best ones do and you will notice that this is the case with a number of the free spins bonuses and slot games featured below in our top 10.

#1 Fortunes of Sparta Bonus Slot

We start with here with a very popular slot game and one that is very much revered for it’s free spins bonus feature as Fortune of Sparta, a game based around the ancient battles of Rome and Greece, offers up to 100 free spins. This amount of free spins will be regularly cited on our list of the top 10 free spins round across slot games, but do not let that make it any less impressive. Better still, this game has a Return to Player percentage of 97.04%/

#2 Gladiator Slot

Sticking with a bit of historical war and violence, this is another mightily fine slot game that uses an amazing theme to create a really detailed atmosphere to bet within. Our favourite part of the Gladiator Slot though is not just the great graphics and theme, but the free spins round. This is because this game also offers ups o 100 free spins at a time, with the power to land more free spins with your free spins.

#3 Rainbow Riches Free Spins

The Rainbow Riches series of slot games is incredibly famous and loved across the whole online slot game community and scene. This is because the games always have a sense of humour and a charming Irish theme that brings plenty of fun and frolic. This particular release from the legendary developer, Barcrest, brings a whole load of free spins as well with up to 999 free spins possible.

Yes, you read that right. 999 free spins are on offer in a game that is quite fittingly called Rainbow Riches Free Spins.

#4 Samurai Split

There are some amazing themes out there across the world wide web and the wide world of online slot games. One of the bets themes though in the Ancient Japanese theme as Samurai action comes to the reels in this, Samurai Slot. This game has the potential to give you 80 free spins at any one time, once again thanks to the fact that you can re-trigger free spins during the round itself.

#5 Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Casino Game

This is another offering from the iconic Rainbow Riches series ad rather than being all about free spins, this game actually offers all kinds of bonuses with really effective wilds and scatter symbols offering the chance for a big payday. That said, Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold also has a decent amount free spins on offer with up to 100 free spins possible at any one time.

Better still, these spins come with extra bonuses thanks to those wilds and scatters so once you get going in this one you could be spinning and winning for some time. Here is another fine example of how to use a free spins round well and still make a game that has plenty more to offer

than just the free spins. That same loveable Luck of the Irish theme as mentioned earlier leads the narrative here in a game that can both entertain and pay you in unison.

#6 Siberian Storm Slots UK

This is one of the most original online slot games on the list and if not, online in general, as Siberian Storm combines a theme we don’t think we’ve ever seen before with a layout that is equally rare. 720 ways to win make up this online slot game that has this chilly setting for the backdrop and therefore, various animals that can deal with this climate on the symbols. If you land the right symbols you will be onto the free spins this round and this is something that you are really going to want.

There are up to 240 free spins on offer, with 96 free spins possible from just one spin at a time. Better still, bonuses come with the free spins so not only will you be saving money with every free spin you make, but you should also have a great chance of making some money as well. This is a slot game of the highest quality but it really stands out thanks to bonus features such as this. Wrap up warm and brave the Siberian Storm, it might just be worth your time.

#7 Cleopatra Slot Online

Ancient Egypt always provides inspiration for both developers and players when it comes to slot games and the theme is a really popular one for all involved, too. This game, Cleopatra, is very well known and well-loved among many in the online gambling community and this is thanks to some really good graphics and a high level of detail in every single animation involved.

The symbols are clearly well thought out and there has been plenty of research done in terms of how to get the most out of the theme. Better still, should you land the right symbols you are sure to benefit from a really useful free spins round that comes with multipliers that will help you reach the higher cash prizes in this remarkable online slot.

#8 The Invisible Man Video Slot

This is a really unique game in that the theme is one we have not seen before, for it follows a man that you simply cannot see; The Invisible Man. Also, the bonus round here us just just as unique as it will take the player across three different settings as you enjoy free spins and more. The Lion’s Head Inn, the Mansion and Ipping Station provide the setting and each of these landmarks you will pick items and above all, we hope, gain some lovely free spins for your troubles.

#9 Mystic Dragon Slots

Another really popular slot game is that of the Ancient China theme, for the incredible history and culture of this country always makes for a great looking slot game with some beautiful symbols and in this case, a great bonus feature. You will notice that this game has a retro charm and although this means the graphics are a bit dated, we think it looks intentional and all in all this makes for a mightily pleasing aesthetic throughout the gameplay.

The gameplay gets even better when you trigger the free spins available in this game which, yet again, come in at a hundred a time if you play your symbols right. These retro reels spinning a hundred times at no extra cost would be a sight to behold, truly. So why not try your luck?

#10 Bier Haus

Our last choice from our top 10 free spins bonus rounds across online slot games combines some lovely things. Beer and slot games.

While we do not recommend mixing the two, for a theme at least, this Bavarian boozer of a slot is really good fun and similar to other games on the list, offering the chance for a great amount of free spins and some bonuses alongside them, too. Wilds and scatters will be in play with any free spins you have in Bier Haus, where you can 80 free spins at a time. Also, those wilds will be locked in place as well so a fine chance of landing them on the reels and winning more beer money. You can play all of the above online slot games and so many more today on Daisy Slots!