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Top 5 Slot Games with Free Spins

Top 5 Slot Games with Free Spins

Top 5 Slot Games with Free Spins

The online slots uk scene is absolutely thriving at the moment, with an incredible amount of online and mobile friendly games entering the field in the last decade.

What was once a rather humble game, the fruit machine, with it’s three reels, flickering fruit and only so many ways you could win, is now an out and out all action game format that even rivals video games. This is because the online slot machines of today are video games themselves, offering 3D visuals and amazing graphics that go into great depth and detail with every spin and every move you make.

As far as the online slot game goes, the days of three reel slot games played offline in land based casinos or pubs, clubs, chip shops, bars and service stations, are a thing of the past. The present and future of slot games is very much online where the capabilities are seemingly endless and the potential for new developments seems to be realised every week. For every few days the talented brands and people behind the slot games and their creation, slot game developers, seem to push the very boundaries of what online slot games can be and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

Most Common Free Spins Bonuses

One beautiful part of the modern online slot game has to be the presence of various bonus features and mini games that are making the games so fun to play. A way of the player increasing their chances of winning, or if not, increasing their chances of winning big, these extra bits of games are some of the most intriguing and exciting parts of slot games as an online medium. There are several types of bonus features but without a doubt, the most well known and probably the most popular bonus feature of all, with both developers and the players of online slot games themselves, is the free spins bonus rounds.

The free spins bonus rounds allow the gambler to save their money and stop betting, but still spin the reels. Many games offer this bonus and the impact of the bonus can differ from game to game, with the likes of unlimited free spins or free spins that come with huge multipliers very much being an option.

In this here article we would like to provide a list of some some of the best slot games with free spins for you to play, as these rounds are so enjoyable that they are worth seeking out. From some classic names that regular slot game players will surely know of already, to some newer titles that are still offering this classic bonus round, we have a collection of our top 5 free spins slots game to play.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

The clue is the name with game really, as Rainbow Riches Free Spins has one of the best and potentially most rewarding free spins rounds that you will find anywhere online.

Rainbow Riches is a long running series of online slot games first introduced by Barcest as an offline slot game available in pubs and the like. It has since evolved into a dearly beloved slot game from all in the slot game community and the Irish theme games comes in many different versions. This one puts free spins at the very focal point of the game, initially giving players the chance to win up to 20 free spin by landing the scatter symbols. However, what makes this free spins game so good is the potential to win more and more free spins by triggering more of them in the free spins round itself. So, up to 999 free spins can be won and the free spins do not end until your counter says zero.

Samurai Split Casino Game

There are a lot of great themed slot games out there and one that we like is Samurai Split, which uses an Ancient Japanese theme to lead the narrative. Perhaps even better still is the free spins round in this game.

The free spins in Samurai Split can amount to a huge 480 free spins at any one time, again thanks to the fact that you can re-trigger free spins during the round,

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Slot Game

That’s right, it’s Rainbow Riches again, once again providing a great online slot game with a useful free spins round.

The ongoing series can offer more in terms of free spins than this in Reels of Gold, with a mere 100 free spins on offer. However, with wilds and extra multipliers in play during each spin, this is another great slot game with a really great free spins round.

Free Spins Slots

Siberian Storm

This slot game has a really unique layout that we really enjoy, as this game, set in the eye of a chilling Siberian storm, uses 720 ways to win to create it’s gameplay style. We love the originality of it and the graphics in this one are great, too, with animated animals and icy background providing the backdrop to this unique slot game.

There are up to 240 free spins to be enjoyed here, too, allowing players to really get to know this slot game without risking any more money on their stake should they trigger this excellent bonus feature. You can get 96 free spins just from the base game and from here, that amount can increase all the way up to 240. Worth fighting the cold for?

Cleopatra Slot Online

Slot game or not, this title here is extremely popular, as Ancient Egypt often provides inspiration for slot game developers and the players themselves. In Cleopatra, a game led by one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs, there is a nice amount of free spins to be won too if you get the reels on your side.

Initially, the free spins round will give you just a humble 15 free spins to use but with this spins, there is every chance that you will more and more.

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