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Winning Slots Strategies Exposed

Winning Slots Strategies Exposed

Let’s set things straight from the off here, no matter how good you are at finding UK free slots games with the best probability of winning, there is actually no guarantee that you will be able to take home a large cash prize with you. But there are ways in which you can increase your odds of being able to win more money on your favourite slot games which are often significantly more than you would have been able to win before you read this article.

Cheap tricks manipulating online casinos will have you banned for life, which is absolutely not our intention. So anything you learn here is completely bone fide.

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The Simple Slot Game

It is a common misconception that slot games are the easiest out of all of the online casino games to be able to play, and therefore it is believed that they must be the easiest to win. But this is not at all the case. Don’t be lured in to always assuming that the brightest and loudest slot machines are going to be the best payers. This is actually what they want you to believe but is just a way to get you to part with your cash and tempt you into playing. These enticing machines often don’t have a great payout rate and the likelihood of you winning big here is slim.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Strategise!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro online gamer, it is vital that you know where your financial limit is. Anyone with any sense, a good technique and a good track record for winning substantial cash has a successful bankrolling strategy behind them. By this, we mean that you need to know the total amount you can spend playing on your favourite slot game or discovering new slot games, in one session. Before you ever start playing, it is imperative that this figure is known, applied and never ignored during playtime. For those unaware, the money used during the designated time of slots play is known as the bankroll and it could save you from significant financial problems if you take a couple of minutes before you start playing to ensure that you know your limits.

Online and Land-based Paylines

Helpfully, the paylines structure for both online and land-based casinos are almost identical. Though this is not a particularly interesting topic to read about, it is important that you understand paylines so that you understand how to create a working strategy to your advantage whilst playing slot games online. To get the most out of your slot, be sure to bet on all of the paylines otherwise you are not in with a chance at all of ever being able to win the jackpot prize – the big windfall will stay out of your reach if you only bet on some paylines and not all.

Strategies are Helped by Settings

When you are using any online casino site or app, you are always able to alter the settings on the game you are playing. This is the same with any slot game. Make sure that you have altered the settings to suit you, your play style and your budget before you begin playing, otherwise, your credit will disappear before you have really had chance to get started and this will be hugely disappointing for you. The two areas you need to keep an eye on most importantly are the value of each of coin and the number of these coins you are wanting to bet for each spin. If you are betting in single pence figures, this often doesn’t make an enormous amount of difference but when you start betting in pounds and larger figures, the difference will be enormous. If bets are placed with unintentional figures, this could be disastrous.

Slot Payouts

It doesn’t generally matter how many coins you choose to bet on each spin, as this does not have an impact on the amount of money you tend to win when playing on slot games. What makes the bigger difference are the multipliers on offer to you throughout the game. You should try and take advantage of these wherever possible and as frequently as you possibly can. If you were told that betting one coin was likely to win a x1 multiplier and betting two coins were more likely to win you a x2 multiplier, would it make more sense for you in most cases to bet four coins?

The way to be able to hit the largest jackpot possible is through betting the largest number of coins possible. When you are totally invested in your slots game, the jackpot becomes accessible to you. It’s wide open, just waiting for you to strike it lucky!

What you need to take away from this is that you don’t need to place an enormously large bet, but you do need to use the maximum number of coins to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot, if that is your sole aim when playing slots.

Bonus Slots

A lot of bonuses offered by online casino sites are often tied in by very complicated rules as to what you can do with the offer you are participating in. This is slowly beginning to change across the online gaming world, with rules being reduced drastically to allow gamers to take advantage of offers to suit them.

The best bonus feature to look out for are the no deposit bonuses, where you are able to play on whichever online slot games you desire without having to credit your account with any cash. You can play with either free spins or to a free cash value (whichever you are offered as the bonus feature) and you can win real cash prizes despite not having deposited any cash in the first place. If there is a slot game you are wanting to try for the first time but haven’t wanted to spend any of your cash on something you feared you may not like, this is a great way to play around with new games, too. It’s also a great way to top up your credit for the slots games you love the most.