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As we move further and further into the future, flying towards further advancements in space travel, self-driving cars and energy production. So too is the world of online casinos! Technology is advancing exponentially and from this growth we as online casino players have been gifted a new capability! With the technology that we can use constantly advancing; Computers, Phones, Tablet and now smart watches and even smart glasses!

For players of online casinos and uk slot games you would think that eventually these technological advancements would trickle their way down to us and expand what we are capable of doing in the online gambling world. Well even though it may have taken some time. Beyond the advancements of being able to move our gambling online, there have been few great strides forward, fortunately, now they have and more ways than one! So let us take a look at what the future has brought forth to gift to us.

Let us start with looking at Pay By Phone Casinos and answer what exactly they are.  Through the hard work of service providers and governments, we are now able to make deposits to our casino accounts through our phones. No more will we have to struggle with irritating card details over our computers, through their lengthy processes. This can work through any telephone device, be it a mobile phone or a landline, though the options when it comes to mobile phones are much more vast.

One of the serious bonuses that pay by phone services has brought is reduced costs to making deposits. It is common to have no deposit charges what so ever when we make want to put some real money into our accounts whilst making sure we are still as safe and secure as we always have been. Please remember though, that whilst most have removed any deposit charges, we should always check the terms and conditions to make sure, this is because some casinos may not give the savings they are making to you.

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Is it Possible to Deposit Using My Phone Bill?

The aforementioned pay by mobile casino is a system designed to stream line making deposits and save us all the hassle that we have become so used to, but we no longer have to be made so tired by the laborious old ways. We are now able to pair our telecommunication devices (be it mobile phones or not) with our mobile casinos of choice which now makes it easier than ever to get a hold of those bonus credits!

So now that we know what it is, we should discuss how to set it up. Pay by phone UK third-party deposit services for online slot games are luckily very easy to set up and they all function in pretty much the same way, so we can go through step by step on how this process is complete.

  1. After making a decision on which mobile casino you want to set up our mobile deposit payment system with, we first want to double check that the casino is fully licenced to make sure that we don’t end up in any sticky situations, meaning we don’t have to worry so much when handing over sensitive details
  2. Now that we’ve checked out our mobile casino, we first have to get signed up, if we haven’t already. So click sign-up pop in your details; you will be asked for your name, mobile phone number, email address and your desired password, there is also the possibility that they will ask for other personal information, this can vary between different casinos.
  3. In the payment section of the account, we will want to click the pay by phone option for deposit, within this there will be a few different options. Though it may vary for some of us the best option to choose is mobile phone.
  4. Now, enter the desired amount you would like to deposit – note that there is currently a cap on £30 per day for pay by phone deposits. This may be annoying for some of the high rollers out there, but it is designed this way to make it more secure for us players and is worth any hassles it may bring.
  5. Once this has processed, which will take a matter of moments, you will be sent a verification message via the designated phone. This message will contain a unique verification code, enter this code into the setup window to verify your payment method. Now you are all set up and ready to go! After everything is fully verified, the deposit will be added to your next phone bill.

One thing we should take note of is that this service may not be available with all UK mobile phone networks, so here is a list we can use to verify that we are not wasting time trying to set up something we can’t use.

  • O2
  • Virgin
  • EE
  • Three
  • Vodafone

As we discussed earlier, this process is provided by a third-party entity. This is to ensure our safety as gamblers wanting to deposit some real money into our accounts. The providers that offer this service are as follows: Zimpler, Siru Mobile, PayForIt and Boku

One final thing to bear in mind before we move on is the variation of what some companies refer to this service as. As always when products are released, different marketers feel there are better ways to describe a service and so here are a few of the names we can see it referred to by:

  • Direct Carrier Billing
  • Pay By SMS
  • Pay By Phone Bill
  • Charge to Mobile

Other Useful Deposit Methods

As well as pay by phone, there are also a few other methods of payment that have been made available to us. They are Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Netller, Skrill, PaysafeCard or even in some cases with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like LiteCoin!

Can I Withdraw Funds Using My Phone?

Now that we are able to play with our money safely deposited via our mobile deposits, we can actually get to what we do all of this for. We can make our journeys to get those winnings by playing our favourite casino games. We now need to ask ourselves what to do once we have made our profits. Can we withdraw though the same process we made our deposit?  Unfortunately not, as our phone bills tend not to be accounts that will hold balance, they are better thought of as ledger sheets of what we owed and paid. So with that not being an option. Is there another way to withdraw our winnings via our mobiles? The answer is yes! And fortunately it is a common utility of most mobile casinos apps, make sure to check with your specific provider though.

What are Mobile Phone Casinos?

Mobile phone casinos are pretty self-explanatory, they allow us to access casino games from our phones, whenever the mood should take us. Saving us the hassle of fancying a little play and having to wait until we are home or prior to desktop casinos, having to make the trip to a gambling house. Though mobile casinos have been around for some time now, there are constant improvements being made which we will touch on later.

Now that we know what they are, we should be wondering how we can get our hands on them. Luckily, legitimate mobile casinos are relatively easy to set up, they can be found in our phones app service, such at the “App Store” or “Google Play”. Simply search for the desired online casino and hopefully it will pop up and be ready to download. Unfortunately, not all casinos have managed to develop mobile app casinos, there are some third-party/open source versions of these casinos so it can be possible to get the app, but this exposes us to a potential great amount of risk. If there is no option to be able to download the desired casino app, then it would be better to use access their website through your phone – most online casinos have adapted their websites to work well with mobile phones meaning that it is improbable that our experience will be too greatly diminished. That being said, it is beneficial to try where it is possible to download the app.

Can I Play Slots With My Phone?

Yes you can! Slots were some of the first games to become available through mobile casinos as their functionality is relatively simple, there is more than enough games out there to play to our hearts content!

This being said, there are a few downsides to emerging technologies, this being that there can be some of the games that we wish to play missing. Whilst the amount of mobile casino games are being constantly upgraded, there are still some that are yet to be available, though don’t worry if it isn’t there it is probably on it’s way and if not, there is still plenty of choice out there!

Whilst we may be missing out on some of the old experiences that we wish to take with us on the go, the mobile casinos bring us a whole new immersive experience. We now have full screen slots, where we can touch the screen and truly interact with our slot games to bring us the chance to win some real money, on the go!

Live Mobile Casino Games

Some of us may be thinking that this is all well and good, but are there games other than slots to play and the answer would be yes! We absolutely have the ability to get access to the real time, high-octane games like blackjack or roulette. We have access to all the types of games, such as Card Games, Jackpots, Table Games and those thrilling Live Games. 

However, one thing to bear in mind when it comes to live games is that we need to have a strong and reliable internet connection to be able to maintain a steady feed to the mobile casinos server. Who would want to miss potential winnings just because of a faulty internet connection?

What Problems We Can Face when using Phone Slots

We have touched on a few problems that can arise when using online mobile casinos, but lets properly talk about the things that we need to pay attention to when using mobile casinos.

We should probably start with one of the biggest short fallings of using mobile deposits, that would be the £30 per day limit. There are a few reasons this can be frustrating. First, simply that some of us will want to make larger deposits than this allows for, but one of the bigger issues that this per day limit can cause is an inability to truly economise of bonuses our online casinos offer. For example if there was a deposit bonus of bonus cash up to £100, we would be missing a free £70 bonus and we all know how valuable those welcome bonuses are! However annoying this may be, with phones being small and fiddley, the odds of us making a mistake during the input of how much we would like to deposit is higher, this cap means we can’t accidently deposit £3000!

Security Consciousness with Casinos on Your Phone

This section is by far the most important to all of us, without security to protect our deposits and our winnings, what would be the point? We are already engaging with risk in the game itself, there is no need to be gambling whether the provider is legitimate or any of the other potential issues specific to mobile casinos. Lets discuss a few of these potential issues.

Luckily the software that is used for our desktop gambling is largely the same as what we find on our mobile phones, so that is one thing we don’t need to worry about. However an important thing to think about is the innate security risks that come with mobile devices. They are easier for malicious people to take advantage of and so there are few things we can do to try and prevent anything we don’t want to happen from happening.

One of the most important things to make sure we do is to only use secure wireless connections. Failing to do this can open us up to attacks from hackers. For those of us that haven’t a clue what a secure network is, it is a wireless network which is not publicly accessible. Unsecure network examples could be the following: Coffee Shops; Mobile Data; Libraries; Universities and any other place where you either don’t need a password to connect to or where anyone can get the password. These locations can be hot beds for people performing fishing attacks which enable them to steal your data.

With that however, because of the additional security risks that come forth with mobile devices, there are also extra safety measures to make as hard as possible to steal our data. This can come in a few different forms, the first is what casinos do to make sure we are kept safe. And this is to use SSL certificates to encrypt our data, on top of this, legitimate casinos are legally required to do stringent testing to ensure the safety, both with regards to the money we deposit in our accounts with them and also our sensitive data in general.

Another thing to make sure we avoid doing, is gambling on devices that have been jailbroken, if you are unsure whether your device has been, the chance are it hasn’t. Jailbreaking is a lengthy procedure to install a third-party operating system, this process can cause significant security issues and is not worth the risk when it comes to having fun with mobile casinos.

All of this being said, we should try to remember that mobile devices tend to have more security features installed because of this increased risk, so as long as you have updated anti-virus software installed on your phone and follow the things we spoke about, there is little need to worry too much. Following proper practises means we can relax and have faith in those practises.

One final thing to look out for, make sure any anti-virus software is legitimate; there is a plethora of fake anti-virus programs out there. We must google and perform the due diligence required to ensure our safety when online.


New technology that improves the possibilities for our gaming desires and that is fantastic, mobile casinos and pay by phone bill services are fantastic and they have revolutionised what we are able to do. We are aware however aware of the increase of risk that these advancements can make and understand that to mediate these risks we have to make sure we follow the correct procedures to ensure our safety and enable us to forget about those issues and enjoy some sweet online casino fun whether we prefer to take up the slots or whether it is any of the other games now available to us.