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For every game that has ever been played, there is always someone who wants to be able to cheat the system and the world of slots gaming is absolutely no exception. There have been some very famous slot cheats in casino history who have accumulated millions of dollars and pounds of immoral wins that have occurred in traditional bricks and mortar style casinos. But it wasn't long before the casinos cottoned on to what was happening, who was behind these cheats scams and what they were doing. It was hugely popular in Las Vegas and this was the beginning in the change in how slot machines were controlled as the RNG was developed and implemented into all slot machines, both traditional and online, to prevent all slot machine cheats on all games in all casino settings. Read more below, or play uk slots online today.

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Famous Slot Machine Cheats Strategies

The 70s and 80s saw huge numbers of potential slot games online cheats testing their luck in the Vega casinos on machines of all types but there were specific casino games cheats that were much more successful for immoral players than others.

Coin on a String

Take the coin on a string popular slot cheat for example, which was about as simple a cheat method as anyone could possibly use but it was often very effective in its work. As its name implied, a coin of the right denomination for any popular slot machines would have a very tiny hole drilled into it and then nylon string would be inserted through the hole and tied in place. The coin would then be fed into slot machines just as any regular coin would be on video slots and after it has triggered the machine into activation, the coin would then be removed from the machine by pulling on the string. In effect, this meant that the slot cheats could use the same coin to play thousands of spins in the casino without it costing them a single penny to play. They could make a fortune but they would never lose. The slot machine cheat would only stop playing on a machine in this manner when the nylon string snapped and then it was common that the player left the casino all together so as not to get caught out.

Using a Magnet to Cheat

Magnetism was another issue for old slot machines and the slot machine cheaters of the 70s and 80s could not help themselves. Though the machines in casinos are now fully protected externally from the force of any magnetic that players may try to swindle money out of them using, this was certainly not the case half a century ago. Therefore, magnets were used to change the placement of the reels in this technique was able to work because the player continued to hold the magnet near the reel reels of the casino machine until the best alignments were made. At this point, they would remove the magnet, the top alignment was made and the jackpot would hit. The slot machine would then payout and it would look as if no cheat had ever been taking place at this machine because it was all determined by the symbols that aligned. If the machine did not payout because there were insufficient funds, you could check with a member of staff in the casino who would then check the symbol correspondence on the reels and where the RNG stopped. Due to the magnetic style of cheat and no cheating method internally within the machine, this would be a case of holding your breath as to whether the casino staff member thought it was right to give you your winnings. If the RNG aligned, then the winnings were yours, but if they did not align then they knew you had been cheating and you would have been escorted from the casino immediately. But was this the most popular method of slot machines cheat method?

Light Wand

No, the most popular was for slot cheats to try their luck was using a light wand. This was an interesting games cheat method developed by Carmichael and was specifically created as a slot machine cheats sensation when many other techniques had been found out by the casinos. Carmichael knew how to work the system and spent a great deal time getting to know how the different machines would work so that he could develop different methods to cheat them. The light wand was one of his most successful and combined a sensor technique with a wire to keep the payout chute open once it had been triggered by the electronic sensor in the wand. But why don't these slot cheats work on the online slot games or the traditional video slots any longer?

RNG Protects Against Slot Cheats 

Due to the number of slot cheats and the amount of money that casinos were losing, it was in the interests of the casinos and the safety of their players to create a technological device that prevented cheating from being able to occur. This was the RNG or random number generator which we know and use in every slots game we play today. The RNG is a clever computer-generated code that ensures that no cheating can take place because it cannot be altered and only the slot machine can control the coding. A code made up of a random number sequence dictates whether there is a win on an online casino machine games and this is known to the machine before the player has even seen any symbols align on the screen. This is very clever because it ensures fairness, equality and safety to all players as well as to the casino at all times. There is no way that the random number generator can be cheated because it treats every spin as if a completely new player was sat at the machine. Therefore, it does not matter who you are, how long you have been playing for or how much money you have spent playing the games, the RNG will work in exactly the same way and does not regard loyalty to the game as a way to payout to play. It does not care who you are and slot cheats cannot alter the way in which it functions. This same method of random number generator applies both inside traditional casinos and for the games we love to play on the online games machines where all rights reserved are in play.

Is It Easy to Cheat Slots?

Now that we have RNGs in place on all slot machines, slot cheats are unable to work. Whether you are in a casino of the traditional variety or playing your favourite slot game online, there is not a slot cheats method that will work for you because the casinos are now fully protected against all cheating methods, so your attempts, no matter what they are, will not work. Therefore, it is impossible to cheat slots no matter how hard you try and really the only main problem that casinos have problems with in the modern era is that of money laundering. Yes, there will always be people who test their luck and think that they have what it takes to work the machines and achieve new slot cheats methods but even if they succeed once, they will not succeed for long. This is because there is no so much security in casino with hidden cameras, groundsmen and security guards, along with all of the technology at work in the casino's slot games themselves that it is just simply impossible not to get caught. The majority of people who work in casinos are also highly trained in how to spot the behaviours of slot cheats too, so even if you get away with it on a machine, a well trained human eye will spot you a mile away!

Why Cheaters try to Cheat the Casinos?

It has been said that the feeling of cheating is like the buzz an addict gets from a drug. It is exciting, and as soon as you get one hit, you return wanting more and more until it is sadly unattainable because the levels you need for the same kind of buzz are completely out of your reach. Cheating is never advised and certainly the big slot cheats at work are risking huge amounts because really they have lost control. Gambling and slot gaming can become an addiction for anyone and sadly, cheating on these machines can be just as much of an addiction to many people who are unable to stop themselves. They see it as if the casinos owe them something and almost like a game where they can win big for the cost of nothing. They do not want to pay to play and yet they want all of the benefits of being seen as a big roller so the whole package does not really add up if we look at the scene in a holistic sense. For many of the slot cheats at work, they just want to know that they are cleverer than the machines, the technology the creators, and have a big point to prove that technology has not taken over. But no one can cheat forever, even the most successful of slot cheats, so what then happens?

Every Cheater Gets Caught at Casinos!

No matter how good a slot machine cheats theory is or how many times a cheats games theory is put to the test and succeeds, everyone's luck runs out at some stage. As we know, slots are completely luck-based as there is no strategy or skill involved in winning when we are playing by the rules, so whether Lady Luck has been on your side or not, she won't be with us all the time. Cheats all get caught! As there is no way at all to even attempt cheating in an online setting, it is the traditional setting that has the harder time trying to keep a lookout for the slot cheats and they are tested on a daily basis. Their in-house security teams, croupiers, dealers and staff, along with all of the surveillance help to keep the slot cheats at bay. But cheats can be prosecuted and imprisoned in the worst-case scenario though it does depend on what has occurred. However, it is more common that slot machines cheat will be banned from specific establishments and in places like Las Vegas, there are thousands of people who may once have been regular customers but who are sadly now banned, all from being lured into the possibility of a slot cheats trap!