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If you are not sure where to get started with our slots uk experience, then click on this blog to learn all about slot uk games and where to play your favourite titles. Learn about welcome offers, slots sites, how to play slots, and much more now!

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Slots, slot games, and gambling, in general, have taken a new high in the United Kingdom. The once low profile slot machine, or to be more accurate fruit machine, has been revolutionized steadily but surely throughout the 20th and 21st century; nowadays, online slots offer players a unique experience – and this is why most people consider that they get a value for their money even when they lose at slots uk.

Gambling used to be fun due to the element of surprise and excitement due to the prize, but this is not the case with most UK players nowadays. Slot games uk that is being released this day (and even those up to 20 years old) carry numerous symbols, exciting graphics, all kind of themes and many different bonus games. If you joined this page to learn about slots uk and slot machine games in general, then you should keep reading below!

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UK Slots – How are they different from Other Slots?

Online slots uk are unique and superior to the slots in other countries, as the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) is actively working with slot game developers and approves new slots uk in a regular basis. Other countries are taking a more strict approach to gambling, which leads to a lot of wait time until the best slots uk reach the fans of the genre.

On the other hand, you can take a look to countries like Finland, were gambling sites and brick and mortar casinos are operated by the state and the funds go towards charities and public institutions. Of course this is a great way to invest money that some people don’t really need to help to improve the country for everyone, but the competition amongst gambling companies and slot sites is not really apparent; this results in less innovation and therefore less exciting slots for the players. This pretty much also sums up the pros and cons of a socialist vs capitalist society.

Can I only pay UK Slot Titles in the United Kingdom?

If you are thinking traditional casinos, yes uk slots offline can only be accessed there. However, there are great slot sites uk that can be accessed from other countries that follow the same regulations as the United Kingdom. It all comes down to the license of the uk slot site of your choice and whether it is allowed to operate in the country that you are at the minute.

Nonetheless, another benefit of picking a uk slot site for your gaming experience is the welcome offers and daily bonuses. Due to the popularity of gambling sites online in the UK, the offers and promotions they put in place are much better compared to other countries. Most of these tend to include free spins for some slot titles uk, cashback based on the amount of money you deposit and more exclusive gifts like trips and freebies as you become a more loyal member.

Popular types of Slots UK Online

As we mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, the uk slots look much different to the 3x3 reel slot games that you might have tried or seen in a pub as you were enjoying a pint with your friends. Most up to date, 2020 slot games uk greatly vary in terms of paylines, bonuses, graphics and layout. The most common form is the 25 payline, 5x5 reel set – which you might have encountered if you played games, like Starburst slots.

However, take for instance another popular slot, Bonanza. This game, by Big Time Gaming developers, is a Megaways slot that has a 5x8 reel set, with extra reels on top. Not only that, if you hit the word ‘GOLD’ you open another round that also carries an unlimited multiplier feature and can also get you free respins if you hit the corresponding symbols.

Another popular type of game is Gonzos Quest by NetEnt. At the base game you can keep getting combinations, as you match symbols since the winning symbols vanish allowing symbols to form further winning patterns. Not only that, the multiplier rises each time you hit at least 3 matching symbols, or 2 with a wild. Read more here about this uk slot.

UK Slot Basics

If the above confused you and you are unsure of how new slots uk operate, let us take you through some of the basics when it comes down to uk slots.


Each game carries their own set of symbols. Classic slot machines used to have 9 symbols and you would have to match at least 3 to form a winning combination. Today’s slots uk have 5x low value symbols (in most games these are numbers) and 5x high value symbols. Each symbol carries it’s own value and the reward rises based on the number of same symbols you match. Most online slots uk tend to offer the maximum prize when you match 5x the highest value symbol.


The paylines differ on each game, but it is one of the aspects you definitely want to check on the demo mode, or through Information page, since this illustrates in which positions the same symbols should appear in order to get paid.

Wild Symbols

The wild is apparent in most uk slots, and it acts as the joker in classic card games; it substitutes for any symbol. So, if you hit 4x same symbols and 1 wild in the same payline you would get paid as if you hit 5x same symbols. Hooray!


The scatter is not so common as the wild symbols, but most good slots have this feature. If you match 3x or more scatters a reward will be paid to you, but in most slots you would also trigger the bonus round. The most scatters you hit, the better the bonus round.

Free Spins

Free spins are what every uk slot player wants! The free spins rounds are usually triggered after you match the scatters, or the game bonus symbol and a new game begins. Here are the rewards tend to be higher, and also new symbols appear that could greatly boost your bankroll.


Some slots uk have this feature instead of free spins, which is also a very good one. When the multiplier is on, the prizes of the symbols you match multiply with the corresponding multiplier in the game, raising them accordingly.


Some slot games allow players to re-spin 1 particular reel if they missed a matching combination. The player would have to pay more than a normal spin for this, so it’s a matter of personal judgement at this point.

Slots UK with Jackpots Explained

Normal arcade slots uk tend to carry the features described above, but there are games that are pretty different. Jackpot slots offer higher prizes than normal slot games, but it’s not as simple as that. There are various types of jackpots and most of them tend to pay less often than normal slots. This is basically the volatility level of the game and it is up to each individual player’s preferences. If you are after big bucks, but you are also prepared to invest more money into your slots uk gaming, then read below the different jackpots forms:

Local Jackpots

UK slot sites, similarly to uk casinos, have added a jackpot that raises up to an amount and will be given to one or more players within a given time frame.

Network Jackpots

Network jackpots are released by the UK slot developers and are given across slot games in various casinos. The rewards here tend to be higher as the slots that carry these are some of the most popular ones.

Progressive Jackpots

Certain slot uk games, like the Mega Moolah slot, have a jackpot that is constantly rising until someone hits it! To invest your money on this jackpot type would be risky, but the rewards might as well worth it.

In-Game Jackpots

There are some recent slots uk online, like Wolf Gold, that offer various in game jackpot rewards that can be triggered within the bonus games. The mini jackpot tends to be around £200, the major jackpot is at about £2000 and the Mega Jackpot is £10,000. These prizes however vary according to the bet you select on each spin.

Playing UK Slot Games Responsibly

Now that you got a grasp of what it means to play slots uk in the 2020, we have to inform you of the negative aspects of slots gaming too. Although most people begin gambling just to have fun or to kill an hour or two, many of them end up losing more money than they can afford. UK slot sites adhere to the guidelines related to gambling addiction and problem gambling, so just read through the information pages on the sites that you decide to play on and make sure that you only play as long as you are enjoying yourself.

Deposits and Slots Bonuses UK

Now that you have deep-dived into slots uk, we think we should let you know about minimum deposits and what you can get if you play on our site. With your first £10 deposit you will get access to our welcome offer, which can grant you up to 500 free spins on Starburst or Fluffy Favourites – which are indeed the two most popular uk slots at the minute.

Most of our slots are also playable on your mobile device; our best optmised pay by mobile slots are Rainbow Jackpots and Enchanted Prince – so now you know where to begin.

If you love our site so much and you keep coming back for online slots uk, then you will see yourself receiving exclusive offers based on your gaming preferences. If you have any enquiries you can contact our Customer Service Team, or look into other blogs published by our expert team. We welcome you on board.

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