Hit It Big

Hit it Big Slot Introduction

A gameshow to match all gameshows, it has to be Hit It Big!

Retro slots appear to be as popular as they have ever been right now, and its not on surprising with such slots uk bonuses. This is probably why developers, such as Elk Studios, are going out of their way to create something interesting and different. They are trying to stand out from the crowd by offering players something different. Hit It Big, from Elk Studios, just so happens to be one of their best attempts to date! It is a slot that you will want to keep coming back to! Fans of the classic fruit machines will definitely find something worth checking out here!

Hit It Big is as simple as it is fascinating. It is a slot game that plays out on five reels, with five fixed pay lines. With these dimensions, it can’t be that hard to think of this slot as one of the simplest you’ll come across this year! If you are a fan of exclusive extras and that sort of thing, then you will definitely find Hit It Big ticks all the boxes! The best way to describe this slot is funky, yet homely. It's like living in a disco ball!

Hit It Big is a fantastic example of the innovative nature of Elk Studios. They are a developer who has many great games in their catalogue outside of Hit It Big! Hit It Big is unique in that it appeals to so many gamers out there at once! The gameplay here is incredibly simplistic. In addition, the bonuses found here will make you a lot of money. This means that this game will appeal to everyone: beginners and veterans alike! Be sure to check out the rest of the review to learn more!

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Elk Studios - The developer behind Hit It Big Slot UK

Elk Studios has come quite a long way since coming out with the hit online slot game: Hong Kong Tower all the way back in 2013. Let the path of Elk Studios be a lesson to online developers everywhere. In order to progress as a company, one must first be willing to contradict every slot game trope. Any that you thought you knew about online slot gaming. This is how to create something new and fresh! Many believe Elk Studios to be within a league of their own, and who can blame them given the quality of their craft.

Elk Studios are always a couple of steps ahead of their peers. They are always preparing for where the industry is heading, rather than where it was in the past, or in the current day. If you have never played an Elk Studios slot in the past, then boy are you in for a real treat!

Many have tried and failed to capture lightning in a bottle as Elk Studios has in the past, but all have failed. Developers like Elk Studios can’t be pigeonholed. No one knows what they are going to create next, which is what makes them so appealing as a developer! If you want to keep that Elk Studios streak going, then be sure to check out some of the following slot games from their rich catalogue:

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  • And many, many more!

Hit it Big Casino Gameplay &  Bonus Features Explained

Hit It Big is in many ways paying homage to the 80s and 70s in both design and feel. Ask anyone who’s played this slot for themselves and they will tell you the same thing. One should expect nothing in this slot since a lot of what you don’t see is what will make you the most money as you play! We toss around the word: retro quite a bit, but Hit It Big is as retro as you will get, especially from an Elk Studios title!

If this is your first time playing an online slot, then try not to worry. You’ve also picked one of the easiest slots to jump into, which is great! The goal here is to find matching symbols in combinations of three or more symbols. If you do, this will trigger a line win of some kind! The more symbols that are involved in the same line. The more money punters are set to earn once the reels come to a complete stop. Since this is technically a slot from the days of old, one should expect to see familiar symbols cascading across the reels.

Symbols in Hit It Big include bars, lucky sevens and so much more! Every symbol offers punters something different depending on how many symbols are involved in the winning line. To spin here, one will first need to present the game with a starting bet of some kind. Bets here can be placed from as little as 20p a spin up to £100 depending on how they wish to play. Those who play on a higher amount will earn a lot more as a result; at this point, we should also mention, that this slot has an RTP percentage of 96% too!

In Hit It Big, punters will notice that there are multiple squares found on the top and bottom of the reels. Each display a different multiplier of some kind. One can take advantage of the multiplier presented by matching the same multiplier on the top and bottom of the reels on the same winning line! Know that this bonus is only available during certain times as you spin, so try to play as often as you can to reap all the rewards.

Verdict on Hit it Big

Those chasing big scores should also look to the wild symbols you see on the board — you won’t be able to miss them since they have the word: wild presented on them. Wilds will substitute symbols whenever you are matching them, replacing certain icons on the board with scatters. Those who match the scatter will earn free spins in return (exactly like most online slots). Scatters here only appear on the second, third and fourth reel only, so be sure to look out for those when spinning for yourself! Another favourite game that you should check out is Village people Macho Moves Slot