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What Is Wagering On Slots?

What Is Wagering On Slots?

Online slot games have gained significant popularity in recent years, offering a unique blend of entertainment, convenience, and potential rewards. One aspect that often leaves new players scratching their heads is understanding 'wagering'. In this article, we unravel the concept of wagering, its associated requirements, and how it impacts your online casino experience. 

What Does Wagering Mean On Slots?

When you hear the term 'wagering' in relation to slots, it essentially implies the action of betting on particular slot games. However, the plot thickens with the introduction of 'wagering requirements'. 

Wagering requirements pertain to casino bonus offers. The bonus can come in various forms, including free spins, deposit matches, or cash rewards, depending on the casino's offerings. These requirements denote the number of times a player needs to wager the potential bonus amount before they can withdraw any winnings made from it. 

How Does Wagering Work?

To understand wagering, let's take an example. Suppose you receive a bonus of 10 free spins on a specific slot game from an online casino. You use these spins on the slot game, and any winnings you get from these spins constitute your 'bonus' - let's say you win £7. Now, if the casino has 30x wagering requirements on this offer, you'll need to wager £210 (£7 x 30) before you can withdraw any of the winnings that stem from the bonus funds. 

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

Wagering requirements are usually represented as a multiplier, such as 10x, 20x, or 40x. This multiplier indicates the number of times you have to bet, or 'wager', the potential bonus amount. 

For instance, if you win £10 on a bonus offer with a 20x wagering requirement, you will need to place bets totalling £200 (£10 x 20) to meet the requirement. Only then can you withdraw any winnings derived from the bonus. The primary purpose here is to ensure that players use their bonuses to wager on games rather than withdrawing them immediately. 

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a common type of bonus offered by online casinos. For instance, a casino might offer a 100% deposit match bonus up to £50 with a 35x wagering requirement. If you deposit £20, you receive an additional £20 as a bonus, summing up to £40 in your account. To meet the wagering requirements, you must place bets worth £700 (£20 (bonus funds) x 35). 

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins bonuses work a little differently. Suppose a casino offers 20 free spins on a specific slot game with a 30x wagering requirement. If you win £10 after using your free spins, you will have to place bets worth £300 (£10 x 30) to meet the wagering requirement. 

Promotions and Terms & Conditions

Online casinos often run promotions to attract new players and retain existing ones. These promotions, however, come with specific terms and conditions. One crucial aspect of these terms is the wagering requirements. Therefore, it's essential to read the fine print of any promotional offer before claiming it. 


In conclusion, understanding wagering requirements is crucial for any online casino player. They form a key part of online casino bonuses' functioning, ensuring that bonuses are used as intended and not exploited. 

A thorough understanding of how these requirements work, how to meet them, and the implications of not meeting them can help you navigate the world of online casinos more efficiently. 

Please gamble responsibly.