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What Does Booking Points Mean In Football Betting?

What Does Booking Points Mean In Football Betting?

Football wagering has undergone a tremendous transformation, birthing novel betting markets and features that captivate bettors globally. Among these innovations is the booking points system, a creative betting strategy that zeroes in on the conduct within the game instead of merely the outcome or the goals tally. 

This detailed guide aims to shed light on booking points, offering insights into their definition, operational mechanics, and application in football betting scenarios. 

What Are Booking Points In Football?

Within the domain of football betting, booking points emerge as a unique system centred around the penalties incurred throughout a match. This system diverts attention from traditional betting focuses, such as match victors or goal counts, allowing bettors to speculate on the game's conduct intensity through the lens of infractions and penalties awarded. 

At its core, booking points serve as a quantifiable reflection of the penalties doled out during a game, accumulating through the issuing of yellow and red cards by the referee. Bettors have the opportunity to wager on the anticipated total booking points for any given match, predicting the potential for a highly contested game marked by numerous infractions or, conversely, a game characterised by minimal penal actions. 

How Do Booking Points Work In Football?

The system attributes specific values to different penalties: 10 points for a yellow card and 25 for a red card. A scenario where a player receives both a yellow card and a subsequent red card in one game leads to a cumulative 35 booking points. Notably, direct red cards are valued at 25 points, with the system tallying points only within the 90-minute game duration, excluding extra time and disregarding penalties against non-players like managers. 

How Many Booking Points For A Yellow Card?

A yellow card given in a football match is valued at 10 points, regardless of the infringement severity. 

How Many Booking Points For A Red Card?

A red card is valued at 25 points. However, if a player receives 2 yellow cards resulting in a red card, the system does not attribute extra points for the sequential yellow cards and the red card. Instead, it caps the total at 35 points for such instances as opposed to 45 points. 

How Are Booking Points Calculated?

The process is straightforward: 10 points per yellow card, 25 per red card, and a combined 35 points for two yellows leading to a red. The aggregate booking points in a match are the sum of all points from penalties awarded to both teams - i.e. it is for the match as a whole rather than per team. 

Betting on Booking Points

Strategising bets on booking points necessitates an assessment of the match's nature. Derbies, known for their intensity, are likely to amass higher points. In contrast, friendly matches or those between well-matched teams might result in fewer penalties. 

Betting platforms typically offer over/under markets for booking points, enabling bets on whether a game will exceed or fall short of a specified points threshold. 


Grasping the booking points system introduces a novel angle to football betting, allowing for predictions based on player conduct rather than just outcomes. This approach not only offers a unique betting option but also deepens engagement with the sport. 

Nevertheless, the importance of responsible gambling cannot be overstated.