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PayPal Payments and PayPal Slots at Daisy Slots

Daisy slots uk is a 2020 online casino that was created with the customer in mind. Our professional team of developers and casino games expert was assembled in order to offer a unique approach to online gambling. Taking into account the uncertainty variable that characterizes most people in the online sphere we thought that one of the first things that we should achieve is to make our players feel safe. PayPal is one of the pioneers of online monetary transactions and an award-winning platform – which is now the number one option for deposits and withdrawals at Daisy Slots.

PayPal Casino and PayPal slots are providing new and old players at Daisy slots to transfer their funds in-between their PayPal account and their Daisy Slots account in seconds. The reasons that make this the best option can be identified by reading the following paragraphs.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is amongst the first and currently the most widespread and trusted eWallet system; it is employed by millions of people and organizations across the worlds. Likewise, many slots sites, like ourselves here at Daisy Slots, have implemented it in the UK in order to offer to their players one safe, secure and quick way to deposit and withdraw their money. One of the most important aspects that make PayPal the number one option for gambling online is that by employing this method they don’t have to share their bank details with their casino of choice. Read more about our PayPal casino below.

Why Use PayPal on UK casinos?

Amongst the various eWallet options available online, PayPal is definitely the one that everyone is accustomed to and has heard before; this has to do with both their over 20 awards, but also with their long established presence without any scandals to question their credibility. In terms of using it for iGaming, players can use either Debit or Credit card to transfer money to their PayPal account – which can in term be employed to transfer money quickly in-between their PayPal account and their online casino account. Nonetheless, we will mention below a few extra factors that make it the best option for both slots and casino players:

Convenience: PayPal, following your online registration and confirmation of your account and bank details, will free from your hands from all your cards at one go. Any transaction you want to do will have PayPal as an options, as we do on Daisy Slots.

More specifically to gambling, you could use PayPal to set a bankroll limit to yourself. For instance, you could employ it purely for gambling and transfer your winnings or a new budget at the beginning of each month. This way you can also keep in control how much you spend and consider in a rounded fashion whether you should play more.

Security: By using PayPal you don’t have to share your personal bank details with us or with any other site online – saving you the anxiety that can be involved with monetary transactions. Nonetheless, if you are using a shared computer make sure that you don’t tick the remember password box, as others might use your PayPal account in the future.

Speed: PayPal is the fastest way to both deposit and withdraw money, which is what everyone wants when it comes to either spending or receiving money. However, remember that if you chose to move the money to your bank account instead of the PayPal account – it could take few days instead.

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PayPal Slots Games

Those who are not accustomed with traditional or online casinos – tend to associate gambling purely with roulette, blackjack and poker. However, although these games are indeed exciting and popular (and available on Daisy Slots), classic and online slot games tend to account for the biggest revenue of all casinos. And this is not due to the huge amount of deposits, but because of the sheer volume of players who choose this Gaming option.

PayPal slot games refer to the slot games which offer PayPal as a deposit or withdrawal option – making them the most convenient games one can play online. It literally takes seconds to deposit and start playing your favourite games from the comfort of your home.

Nonetheless, make sure that you also check out our casino promotions before you start spinning; also, keep in mind that if you try to withdraw your slot winnings to your bank account instead to your PayPal account – it might take a couple more days to receive your money! Check below some of the best PayPal slots that we offer to our customers!