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What is Slingo? Slingo is a combination of slots and bingo aka every slot lover and bingo lover’s dream. How is that even possible you ask?

What sounds like a strange combination, actually works perfectly and you’ll soon find out below. True fans follow this game obsessively because of the compelling gameplay and amazing jackpot wins on offer- some even bigger than what your favourite slot have on offer. Slingo is a special game so you won’t find it just anywhere. It’s not available in a lot of popular online casinos, so when you find it make sure you utilize your opportunity to spin.

If you’re in the UK, you can find  Slingo free anywhere you enjoy playing online casino slots. To find out what is slingo, where to play slingo, how to Play slingo and more info on the game, keep reading to find out more.

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Slingo - How to Play

Slingo is a mix of bingo and online slot game. However, it’s a very organized chaos because the goal in Slingo is to complete winning paylines so as to win the amounts indicated on the paytable. When you start up a Slingo machine, a huge 5×5 bingo card greets you.

A 5X5 bingo card lies below 5 reels, while one lies one row higher. The game starts when you pay for the amount of spins on one reel. The number of spins ranges from 15 to 20 spins. The first 11 or 16 or so spins end up forming part of the package, while the rest will have you using free spins or your total cash in points in exchange.

The objective of the game is to match as many numbers as possible on the bingo card using the maximum number of spins. Winning lines in the game are called Slingos. Slingo does include a mix of slots in it, but it doesn’t work like a slot machine.

That’s because in slot games, the symbols that appear on a payline usually determine the cash amount you win while In Slingo, lines in the bingo table determine the amount you win. So, players will go revealing numbers that are indicated on the spinning reels and marked off respective numbers on the bingo card.

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Bonus Features found in the Slingo

A Slingo is created when players manage to form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on the grid. The more Slingos you successfully form in a fixed number of spins, the more wins you end up forming on the paytable. Just like in a slot machine, there are special Slingo symbols. All your favourite symbols like super jokers, scatters, wilds and jokers will all appear here as follows;

Jokers – Jokers in Slingo work just like wild symbols that can be used to strike off numbers on the columns they land on.

Coins: Coins will automatically earn you bonus points while also triggering extra free spins.              

Super Joker: Super jokers work just like the joker symbol, but they can land anywhere on the board.

Devils: Your total payout will be divided in half and the total number subtracted.

Cherubs: Cherubs land on the reels frequently and cross out the effect the devil has when the arrow is shot in the air.

The rules in Slingo are simple to follow; watch the time limit set on the amount of time it takes to leave your jokers on the paytable. You can put the auto-spin setting in place and let the game play out. You may be steering clear of Slingo because of fear of bets. A common assumption about the game is that since it is essentially a 2 in 1 game, of course it would cost twice the amount to play. However, Slingo offers some very fair wager amounts. All the high rollers can also get comfortable here and enjoy the different variations in betting that they can enjoy here.

Betting ranges in Slingo start from 0.50 coins up to 100 coins. Some bets can fall to the minimum 0.10 coins or rise to the maximum 200. Remember to always exercise safety first when enjoying online casino slots. Gamble responsibly and stay within your budget. The range of bets possible in Slingo includes;

-Slingo Riches: 0.50

-Love Island Slingo: 0.10

-Slingo Extreme: 0.50

-Slingo X-Factor: 2

-Slingo Rainbow Riches: 0.50

-Slingo Fortunes: 1

-DOND Slingo: 1

-Slingo XXXtreme: 0.20

-Slingo Showdown: 0.20

-BGT Slingo: 0.50

and you can choose to raise your bet if you like;

-Slingo Riches: 100

-Slingo XXXtreme: 100

-Slingo X-Factor: 100

-Love Island Slingo: 400

-BGT Slingo: 100

-Slingo Extreme: 100

-Slingo Showdown: 100

-Slingo Rainbow Riches: 200

-DOND Slingo: 100

-Slingo Fortunes: 100

There’s plenty of stretching room for every type of gambler regardless of whether you are a low roller and/or a high roller. It’s important to note that there are a lot of different Slingo machines out there and a lot of them work different.

Beginner slot players need to ensure they opt for a game where they can get rewarded cash for a single Slingo win. Some Slingo machines will only pay once players have hit 4 Slingos or more, while others offer jackpot amounts. There are some which can be more volatile than others and basically pay out like real money slot games.

slingo gameplay

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Slingo - The Verdict

Slingo is the type of game every type of gambler needs to try at least once. If you’re used to more intricate live casino games like blackjack, Slingo serves as a good mental break from the table. If you’re more into casino slots, the mental challenge that Slingo creates will be a nice way to test yourself.

The creativity, range of options and versatility on offer in Slingo will make your time during gameplay very memorable. Slingo stands out from other slots because you’ve seen nothing like it. It’s the fact that Bingo and Slots are already two very different games, so when they come together it leads to a beautiful and thrilling game that will have you hooked from the start.

The special symbols like the jokers and scatters will help you rack up those wins fast. What’s the most amazing thing about Slingo? Slingo combines elements of Bingo and Slots. So, if you enjoy both then this is the place for you because there’s more to it than numbers. But if you’d rather play a more traditional online slot game, then we can strongly recommend an exciting pirate themed title in the form of Pirate Gold slot here at Daisy Slots!